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Guest Column: Early fall lawn care pays off next spring
Ryan Oberhelman is Wallowa County Vegetation Manager
Community Calendar: Events and activities around Wallowa County
Enterprise earns planning grant
For the Record: A selected listing of activities performed by Wallowa County Public Service Agencies


Cross Country teams place high at ‘Scamper’
Ellyse Tingelstad showed up in first place with a time of 21:51.
Outlaws gridders fall to Imbler
Tee Time: Golfers part of Cycle Oregon 2018 visit
Joseph trumps Enterprise, tops Cove


3 minutes with Samantha Layne


Student and part-time librarian

Samantha Layne, 19, of...


Guest Column: See, you really can learn mathematics
Clem Falbo of Joseph is a Mathematics Professor Emeritus at Sonoma State University.
Main Steet: Health care can be economic development
Wahl to Wall: Brace yourself, winter is coming
Wahl to Wall: Joseph’s new streets are amazing


Editorial: Lodging tax lessons –– Do it the right way
This is a huge growing-up experience for the county.
Letter to the Editor: Why so many ‘clients’ here?

Capital Bureau

Oregon public unions sued for past dues
A dozen public employees have sued their respective local labor unions for a refund of dues paid...
Voter approval for tolls moves closer to the ballot
Secretary of State requesting money for Medicaid audit team
Public safety training agency needs more space


Obituary: Janet Bullat
In 2008, Janet and Chris moved to Joseph for the mountain views and quiet life.
Obituary: Virginia Brooks Sasser
Obituary: Betty Daggett

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Out of the Past: War causes teacher shortage in Wallowa County
From the archives of the Wallowa County Chieftain
Out of the Past: Enterprise residents getting their mail at home
Out of the Past: Arrival of gasoline supply cheered by all