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ELECTION RESULTS: One school board race too close to call

Published on May 17, 2017 9:40AM

Last changed on May 17, 2017 2:54PM

Election results are in for the 2017 balloting. The contested races this time around were for school board seats. One votes separates Kirsten Rohla and Rachel Sykora in the Zone 4 seat on the Joseph School Board, 180-179.

All results are preliminary until the county board of commissioners certifies them.

Sara Hayes ran unopposed for the Zone 3 seat.

Heather Melville tallied 545 votes to Autumn Wilburn’s 229 to win a seat on the Enterprise School Board. Mandy Decker outpaced Patrick Patterson, 440-312, for the second contested position. Kate Fent ran unopposed.

Polly DeVore turned back a write-in challenge for a seat on the Wallowa School Board, 275-145. The county’s preliminary information did not contain names for write-in candidates. David Flynn and Carrie Hermens also captured seats on the Wallowa School board, both running unopposed.

The lone contested seat in Troy School District was won by Dustin Dehann with 22 votes. Connie Curry received 3 votes. Ervin Hafer captured the second open seat running unchallenged.


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