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Wahl to Wall: Making and correcting mistakes

Published on October 10, 2017 3:16PM

I would like to say the Chieftain never makes a mistake. That would be fake news, of course.

There are two avenues of thought in newspaper editing. Either cover as little as possible in order to minimize mistakes or cover everything and do the best you can humanly to be sure everything is correct.

Carolyn Lochert, half of the duo Jezebel’s Mother, called me last week to let us know about an omission in the preview story we did on Saturday’s Tunesmith event, sponsored by the Wallowa Valley Music Alliance.

Working from a perfect news release submitted by Lochert’s co-performer, Janis Carper, I included a few descriptive lines about Janis and then completely skipped over the same info regarding Carolyn.

No particular reason other than “haste make waste.”

Carolyn was beginning to wonder whether we had taken a disliking to her since her name was also omitted in recent coverage of the Local Yokels group, of which she is also a member.

I assured her that was not the case and promised to make amends.

Here is the portion of the release that was omitted:

“Jezebel’s Mother features songwriter Carolyn Lochert, whose career has taken her from singing lead in rock, country and funk bands to playing in the “horn” sections of jazz ensembles. Studying composition at OSU started her on the path to writing her own music. Her first album, “She’s Lookin’ Back,” features Lochert’s smooth, sultry sound ...”

Apologies all around. If you enjoy good music, downtown Joseph is the place to be Saturday night.

FISHTRAP KICKED off its fifth season of Fishtrap Fireside Friday with readings from Lauren MacDonald, Jon Rombach and Evelyn Swart.

Despite football games and other competing events, the Fishtrap House was packed to overflowing. And no one went away disappointed.

From Evelyn’s whimsical memories of camping as a child to Jon’s off-beat humor to MacDonald’s avant garde poetry, it was pure entertainment.

Now I know there are some of you out there whose eyes roll back in their heads and your stomachs begin to churn whenever someone mentions a “reading,” but this is totally different. It’s not stuffy or pretentious.

If you have never attended, mark your calendar today for 7 p.m. Nov. 3. Wine and snacks are included.

A SURE sign of autumn: My wife baked an apple crisp last week. It was delicious.

We’re going through a bit of fresh apple withdrawal missing out on the season in Minnesota.

Minnesota-grown apples? You bet. Ever heard of the Honey Crisp? It was developed at the University of Minnesota.

If you wanted tart or sweet, eating or baking, there was a variety just for you. The Zestar! is considered by many to be the premiere apple in the country and yes, it has Minnesota roots.

We’ve found a few varieties of Washington and Oregon apples that are quite tasty and will be eating our share of them in the weeks to come.

I am not aware of any Wallowa County-grown apples. If they exist, please let me know.


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