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Enterprise Cemetery Board directors needed

Elections for the Cemetery Board are coming up this next May. There will be four board positions on the ballot. To keep the positive momentum for cemetery improvements rolling, we need some folks to step up and commit to serving a term on the board.

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The pupils in Mark Keffer’s fourth grade class in Enterprise decided to forgo their Christmas party and instead take up a collection for the Wallowa County Humane Society.

The Humane Society thanks the fourth grade class for a donation of...

Plan calls for wolf management

I am responding to the laughable commentary in the Jan. 18th Chieftain from the Oregon Wild guru about poaching. Although he tried to thinly veil his comments to include ALL animals with regulations concerning their status as a game animal, his main...

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The people who rant about the rights of women to choose are also the people who rant about, save the spotted owl, don’t cut a tree, and god forbid, don’t break an eagle egg, etc., etc., etc. Not that these aren’t concerns of some...