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LETTER: Free-market does not work in healthcare

I was impressed with the detailed and concise arguments presented by Rick Bombaci in his guest column in the May 17 Chieftain.

I have friends and neighbors in Wallowa County who have benefited under the ACA, or Obamacare, and other people who...

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The truth is protection

In his letter last week about David Van Doozer’s case, Bob McFaul rightly asked, “What changed?” How could a grand jury have indicted over something that the criminal jury rejected in 50 minutes? How could a civil jury have then...

Turn library support into funding mechanism
Turn library support into funding mechanism

It has been heartening to see support for public libraries in Wallowa County over the past few weeks as the announcement of budget cuts began to filter out.

Due to the loss of a federal funding program, the county commissioners are being forced...

LETTER: ODFW not doing the elk or ranchers any favors

ODFW not doing the elk or ranchers any favors

I am in support of Mike and Pam Harshfield. I believe the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife did not fulfill its responsibilities to the care and welfare of the elk.

ODFW doesn’t...

Missing part of the story

Regarding last week’s front page headline story pertaining to the legal action of David Van Doozier against the Willises, I’ll qualify myself by saying I know neither party.

Several years ago, I attended a social function, which...

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Court story reporting seems one-sided

I was very disappointed to read what appeared to be a paid advertisement regarding a recent court case. The one-sided reporting is outlandish.

I have known the Willises for well over 10 years...