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Letters: Measure 105, Walden, Goebel-Burns, Mona Williams, Wes Williams
Letters: Measure 105, Walden, Goebel-Burns, Mona Williams, Wes Williams
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Williams has civil, criminal training

I have practiced law for nearly 30 years and began practicing in Wallowa and Union counties when I moved to northeastern Oregon in 2000. I met Wes Williams within months of coming to this area and have known him for close to 20 years.


Walden does not protect health care

I have voted for Greg Walden in the past. But this time I won’t and here’s why: Mr. Walden has said numerous time he supports continued health insurance coverage of pre-existing conditions. Then, in 2017 he backed a bill that would have...

Walden defends citizens from government

I am writing to support Greg Walden for Congress because of what he did to help Dwight and Steven Hammond when they were unjustly imprisoned.

Ggreg Walden grew up in rural Oregon near The Dalles and Hood River working in a cherry orchard. He...

Wes Williams for judge

I am supporting and voting for Wes Williams for circuit court judge for Union and Wallowa counties.

I met Wes 20 years ago on a trip to La Grande for a court matter involving Wallowa County. FOr years I saw him as a civil practice attorney and...

Mona Williams the better choice for judge

I have practiced law in this community with Wes Williams for almost 20 years. The voters should know what they will be getting if he is elected judge.

Wes Williams is a crusader for criminal defendants. He is known for his extreme positions...

Letter: Vote yes on Measure 106

According to state records, the death penalty in Oregon has been carried out on almost 60 individuals since 1904 at taxpayer expense.

While these individuals have been found guilty of murder, about 10 totally innocent, future Oregonians are put...

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Perfect way to honor McCain

In a recent column, John McColgan wrote at length about the legacy of “honor” that marks the life of Sen. John McCain. With the passing of McCain, our nation has lost a truly fine and dedicated servant...

McCleod-Skinner wrong on weapons

Rep. Greg Walden is running for re-election to represent Oregon in Congress.. His opponent is Jamie McCleod-Skinner a left-wing politician from Santa Clara, Calif., and Phoenix, Ariz.

Her website calls for a “ban on future sales of...

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Goebel-Burns a great candidate

I have known Ginger Goebel-Burns my whole life and had the pleasure of working with her in the past. Being the county treasurer, I am sure, requires the person to have a thorough understanding of fund accounting...

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Wes always will do the right thing

I support the candidacy of Wes Williams for judge of the 10th Judicial District encompassing Union and Wallowa counties. I have known Wes as a colleague and neighbor for 20 years. In that period I have seen him...

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Walden funded by opioid makers

After claiming he’d uphold protections for pre-existing conditions, Greg Walden drafted a bill that would have removed those critical protections. Hundreds of Wallowa County residents would have lost their...

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Wes believes in justice for all

I’m writing to support Wes Williams’ candidacy for judge. He has been a practicing attorney in Union and Wallowa counties for the past 20 years, and from his first case to the present, he has...

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Wes care deeply about the law

I am writing in support of Wes Williams in his bid to become the next circuit judge for the 10th Judicial District.

Wes has practiced law throughout northeastern Oregon for more than 20 years, handling all...

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Wes has range of court experience

With the November elections coming soon, there are a number of important decisions to be made, including Circuit Court Judge for Union and Wallowa counties.

I would encourage voters to strongly consider...

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Les knows the law, and people

Wes Williams is seeking to become the next circuit court judge for Union and Wallowa counties in November. I am asking you to support him, as I believe he would make an outstanding judge.

It is important for a...

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Walden lied on health care issue

As an American with Crohn’s Disease, I was deeply disturbed by Greg Walden’s hypocrisy in both authoring and supporting the GOP’s healthcare reform bill after claiming to care about people...

Letter: Getting it all in one location
Letter: Getting it all in one location
Building Healthy Families plans to house a parent resource center at the new building.
Letter: Wes Williams is calm, methodical, open-minded
He showed a genuine concern for finding workable solutions for clients’ problems.
Letter: Mona K. is already a judge; keep her there
She is thoroughly enjoyable on a personal level and this carries through into her professional life.
Letter: Former Union DA supports Wes Williams
Most important, he is a true gentleman.