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Not all government is secretive

I am responding to your editorial of April 12 in which you write that the Malheur Enterprise was denied records regarding the mental health or lack of mental health of a fellow who killed two people after the Security Review Board released...

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Auction resounding success
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Another side to the story
Letter: Trump sputters, Walden along for the ride

The U.S. House did not provide a lot of surprises this month. Two bills are particularly troubling and were fast-tracked to the president for signature to become law.

House Resolution 83 removes the requirement for employers to maintain accurate...

Letter: Public can’t know what’s in health bill until it’s passed

I am totally amazed at the clairvoyance of the writer and medical “experts” in your front page article “Local Mental Health Services Would Decline if ACA Repealed.”

As of (March 22) the bill has not been submitted for...

Letter: Limit government by cutting Wildlife Services

On Feb. 26, USDA Wildlife Services poisoned a wolf in Wallowa County (“We don’t feel good about that,” said Wildlife Services).

On March 11, two dogs were killed by the same device, an M-44 cyanide bomb, along a hiking trail...