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LETTER: What is Rep. Greg Walden doing?

LETTER: David Ebbert asks: What is Greg Walden doing?

Published on March 8, 2017 11:39AM

A quick look at what our Republican administration has accomplished for us in January and February.

Two new laws, HJ Res 38, reducing our waterways’ protection by removing controls on waste from surface mining and HJ Res 41, repealing reporting requirements for oil and gas firms when making payments to foreign nations (bribes), were signed and made into law on February 1, 2017. HJ Res 40, removing restrictions on gun sales to the mentally ill, including the violent, has been approved in the House and Senate and is on the President’s desk waiting his signature.

An additional 19 bills such as repealing Federal literacy standards (HJ Res 57) for our children or defunding family planning clinics (HJ Res 43) have been approved in the House and sent to the Senate for party line approval before being presented to this minority president for his signature.

Is this attack on our public protection what voters had in mind? Our Representative, Greg Walden, does not seem to find these actions in conflict with his position as our representative, since he has voted yes on each. I hope every voter will remember the representation they have received when at the election booth.

David Ebbert



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