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Letter: Impossible to ignore administration’s missteps

Published on March 14, 2017 10:51AM

With no intention of sending another letter about this administration, so much has happened this week it is not possible to ignore.

Daily we are struck with more alarming facts about Trumps engagement with Russia. His staff meets with Russian emissaries or President Trump has suspicious financial dealings with Russian citizens.

Our representative, Congressman Walden, has taken the lead on a health plan which would leave 12 to 15 million people unable to afford health care by 2020. Included is a large tax reduction (think ‘very large) of $276 billion (yes, that is a ‘B’ per PBS) for .9 of 1 percent of the very affluent over the next ten years. He is trying to push this bill through with a vote, with no oversight by the Congressional Budget Office. This is not the plan as promised. We can only hope it is dead on arrival in the Senate.

Now we have a new defense budget (HR 1301) paid by gutting our domestic programs. The State Department, Education Department, Environmental Protection Agency, health care, foreign relations and much more are being stripped of funding and any staff who might question this administration. Will our promised infrastructure improvement not suffer the same fate? The defense budget is already larger than the next seven largest defense budgets on the planet, before a proposed 10 percent increase.

Our defense budget could be reduced to half the size and still be larger than the combined value of the next three. The best defense is an offense but how big an offense do we really need?

In the words of this minority president “What the hell is going on?”

David Ebbert



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