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LETTER: ODFW not doing the elk or ranchers any favors

Published on May 2, 2017 2:34PM

Last changed on May 2, 2017 3:18PM

ODFW not doing the elk or ranchers any favors

I am in support of Mike and Pam Harshfield. I believe the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife did not fulfill its responsibilities to the care and welfare of the elk.

ODFW doesn’t manage game; it manages people and money.

ODFW straddles the fence. If the elk cost them money, it is not responsible. But if it can make money, then the elk are their responsibility.

If domestic livestock cause damage to someone else’s property, the livestock owner would be liable. But ODFW doesn’t think it is accountable for what their elk do.

I think the ODFW (for their lack of responsibility) had Harshfields backed into a corner, so they did what they thought was a last resort.

Whenever I have talked to ODFW about elk damage, I am told that they can’t do this or that, they aren’t responsible for this or that and you need to talk to the state about your problems.

If we have to go through the state, then what good are the ODFW people here doing us?

I urge all livestock and landowners to support the Harshfields. ODFW needs to start managing game and be fully responsible and pay for the damages their game causes.

I am just one of many livestock and landowners who are fighting the ODFW over their elk.

Casey Tippett



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