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LETTER: Weighing the anger against the deed

Published on May 16, 2017 2:08PM

I did not attend the Walden Town Hall in Wallowa, but I have heard about it. I heard that some people spoke eloquently about the need for adequate and affordable health care, and I heard of a few people who expressed themselves in angry voices.

My experiences in Wallowa County have led me to believe that public expression of anger or disappointment are deemed unacceptable, especially when an important person is present. I have also learned that trying to be diplomatic may or may not work in getting one’s point across. But then, discourteous behavior is always counter-productive.

I just want to add that many of us believe that Rep. Walden’s work is counter to the needs of many people in his district. He was instrumental in constructing the recent bill and getting it approved by the House of Representatives.

Its content takes healthcare away from millions of people who are now receiving it. It provides generous subsidies for corporations and wealthy people who have no need of them, in my estimation.

So, to those who believe that someone whose loud and critical expression at the town hall was rude to the representative, I would ask them to weigh the rude behavior of the constituent against the damage being done in Congress by our own representative to citizens of Oregon and most of the United States.

Acting against the needs of thousands of Oregonians versus the discourteous behavior of a few does not balance.

Evelyn Swart



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