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How agile should a bovine be?

Published on October 3, 2017 4:07PM

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Oh flapjacks!

I never know whether to respond to the letters Wally Sykes writes or not, but now it appears that ranchers need to breed agile animals with big horns to protect themselves and their offspring from the wolves.

Wow, that sounds so easy. Why don’t you go first Wally?

Actually, ranchers are constantly looking at ways to improve their livestock. When I showed steers in 4-H, they did indeed had shorter legs. But fast forward to the steers that my grandkids show, and those legs are longer and that hanging carcass yields more now as well.

We get paid by the pound.

As for those agile animals, there is a video showing a mama moose with her big horns and her long legs trying to defend her calf from wolves. I will let you guess that heartbreaking conclusion.

As for flap doodle, you can keep mentioning public ground, but facts are facts, and wolves have killed on private property about 85 percent of the time, but let’s don’t let facts get in the way when it comes to wolves.

Ramona Phillips



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