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Letter to the Editor: Column inspires fond memories of Joseph

Published on October 10, 2017 3:16PM

I so enjoyed the The Sept. 27 edition of the Chieftain, particularly the “Political Philosophy” column by John McColgan.

I haven’t lived in Joseph since 1960 after having moved there from Walla Walla in 1945, but I have so many great memories.

I attended the Joseph school system from fourth grade through my senior year of high school. After graduating, I attended Whitman College (incentivized by Supt. Bill Williams and Coach Don Golden who both had attended Whitman.)

I paid for all my expenses at Whitman by working 5 summers at Ed Halloran and Son’s Logging Co., as I just wanted to show my folks, Eunice and Ted Newton, “I could do it myself.”

I was so appreciative that Mike Holloran had a job for me those five summers, and had fun bragging that I was the “head hooker” for a logging company.

While I have been a subscriber for some time, the column contained comments on so many names that I identified. I was in Seventh Heaven.

We lived on Main 1945-52 right next to the son (and his wife) of the senior Frank McCully.

Frank Jr. carried on the leadership of his father in politics and Joseph business. I used to play with Frank Jr.’s sons Frankie and Ronnie for several years.

Malcom Dawson lived in the house mentioned in the column when we lived “a block down (and crossed) main street,” and he was my Boy Scout leader those many years ago.

He truly was a people’s person, and I thought a great scout Leader. When Marlene and I visited my mom (who taught the second grade in

Joseph for many years, probably in excess of 30 years) about 10 years ago, Malcom was walking in through the front door of the restaurant at the head of the lake as we were leaving, and immediately recognized me, and said, “Eddie, what are you doing here?”

What a day-brightener. We shared a lot of fun stories . My wife also got a

chuckle as I hadn’t been called Eddie since I graduated from Joseph High.

I was saddened hear of Malcom’s passing; he was one of many greats from Joseph and Wallowa County that helped me to get to adulthood.

With the passing of my sister, Shirley Newton Jennings, in April, and my mom and mad years ago, I may not get back to Joseph, but articles like John’s and others in the Chieftain help to keep those memories alive for me.

Ed Newton

Folsom (not the prison), Calif.


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