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Letter to the Editor: Divide Camp wrongly criticized

Published on October 17, 2017 2:58PM

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

There has been a thread Facebook regarding Divide Camp. It has become somewhat nasty in its tone.

There was a slight inaccuracy in a recent Chieftain article about the upcoming NRA banquet that sparked the discussions. From there, it has snowballed to an attack on this very special local nonprofit. Many have questioned its mission, why the name “divide” (named after location in the Wallowas) and why it only serves post-9/11 veterans.

It would behoove these people to do the research on Divide Camp. Read the mission statement. Contact the director, Julie Wheeler, directly and ask questions.

I am passionate about what the camp does for our veterans. It serves men and women from all over the country, not just local vets. It serves as a way for these young men and women to find some peace of mind and healing through the power of Nature.

Read the testimonies on the website as to their experiences after a stay at the camp.

There are many nonprofits across this country that serve veterans of all types ... no matter the rank ot years served. Again, do the research. Find that organization that has been set up to fit your criteria. Donate to them, help them in an way possible with your time and energy.

Stop complaining and judging Divide Camp if you truly do not know what their mission is and how they serve. Better yet, volunteer. It is a total volunteer organization, no paid employees whatsoever.

Christina Kecht


Editor’s note: The story said that NRA had donated $40K, meaning over a period of years and not in the past year. That is an accumulative total. Obviously a donation of that size would have received considerably more attention. NRA only donated a small amount this year.


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