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Letter: Kudos to stars in ‘Murder’ play

Published on November 8, 2017 10:01AM

Wallowa County residents would be missing a great opportunity to experience a wonderful night of entertainment if they missed the MidValley Theatre’s performance of the Agatha Christy play, “A murder is announced”.

This who-dunnit is impeccably played by local people who are the actors and actresses. The play itself is crafted to keep challenging the audience as they try to deduce which character is the guilty person. I changed my mind several times and never really figured out who it was until the end.

Under the brilliant direction of Kate Loftus, a real genius at bringing out the best in the players, you will be mesmerized by the entire production. Jennifer Hobbs, Gwen Menton, and Stuart Vencill cannot be surpassed, even by the actors my wife Jean and I saw in performances in New York City two weeks ago.

Sebastian Hobbs, Carol Vencill, Jeff Fields, Ame Leggett, Paige Lattin, Andy Martin, Steve Kliewer, Bryce Leggett and Anna Moholt also did outstanding jobs.

David Cook and Bill Kost deserve credit for building a clean and efficient set. Ingrid Cook and Eleanor Terry earned a round of applause for resetting the stage between scenes; this is one of Kate’s trademarks.

Clem Falbo



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