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Letter: Resentful about paying taxes this year

President Donald Trump has never served our country in any capacity.

Published on February 13, 2018 3:58PM

As I work on my taxes for this year, I am reminded that I have been paying taxes for 70 years, since I was 17 years old. I recognize that taxes are necessary as the price of civilization, including police and fire departments, roads, clean air and water, education, protection from disease, promoting the advancement of science (computers and massive food production).

I always felt good about paying my fair share of taxes for the privilege of living in a country where citizens, at least, get a chance to succeed. I also felt good about serving our country in the U. S. Navy for four years, in the U. S. Peace Corps for two years and as a teacher for 45 years.

But this year, I resent the glaring unfairness in tax-paying, when I think of President Donald Trump, who has never served our country in any capacity. A person who has used the loophole of a physical ailment, a bone spur, to avoid the military, and who uses tax loopholes to avoid paying taxes.

As far as anyone knows, he has probably never paid his fair share of taxes, and I resent it. I doubt that any one of us in Wallowa County has been able to get away with such flagrant, if not criminal, behavior.

I know it is not politically correct to criticize our President, but for the first time, I really resent paying taxes while this rich guy is taking us all for suckers.

Clem Falbo



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