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Letter: Our past informs our future

We are lucky to have Bruce Dunn running for Wallowa County Commissioner.

Published on March 6, 2018 2:38PM

The article in the Feb. 21 edition of the Chieftain about the logging strategy of Butch Tanzey was spot on. Thank you for highlighting the irreplaceable knowledge he has of the forests in our county and his desire to see that knowledge be passed on to the next generation.

We see similar wealth in long-time ranchers and farmers here, who know so much more than what textbooks can teach about the particular land issues we have here. We’ve had individuals walk in years ago and help destroy the timber industry. Not only that, they helped destroy the sustainable society we had here, as Butch said.

Our agricultural and forest lands need the kind of knowledge Butch talked about for this community to survive and recover from those bad decisions. That’s why we are very lucky to have Bruce Dunn running for County Commissioner.

He has the on-the-ground decades worth of experience working not only in the woods of our county but also on local committees that have helped shape sustainability in our waters, salmon recovery, economic development, airport renewal and game management.

He also held the chair of the Natural Resources Committee for 20 years and served on the Wallowa County Planning Commission for 12 years. This kind of experience is unmatched in value for the sustenance of our county.

In reality, its a gold mine. Remember that on election day.

Connie Dunham



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