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Letter: Daggett is for transparency

Diane’s one of the good ones.

Published on May 9, 2018 9:42AM

I’m looking forward to the election because I have become concerned about the liabilities from several avoidable lawsuits over decisions that our county has been engaged in over the past eight years.

In several cases, these were decisions where skipped state and local laws and requirements that would have been easy to comply with led to legal action by frustrated local residents, creating liability for us taxpayers.

I trust Diane Daggett as a commissioner candidate because she will work with fellow commissioners to ensure that county processes are open, transparent and accessible. She has the experience with planning to ensure stuff gets done expediently while protecting us from liability.

I don’t always expect that I will like every decision (that would be heaven!). But I do want to know that decisions are made right. Diane’s one of the good ones.

Kathy Bowman



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