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Letter: Don’t reward law-breakers

No country in the world allows open borders.

Published on July 10, 2018 4:26PM

I’m just an old cattle rancher (retired), cowgirl and wilderness pack guide from when I bought my first property back in 1977. Back then, common sense was alive and well in Wallowa County and pretty much throughout the entire country.

Now, well I’m not so sure.

My dad always said, “A wrong rewarded is a wrong repeated.” We, the hardworking taxpayers of this country, should not be rewarding anyone for breaking our laws.

And yes, entering this country illegally is breaking our laws. No country in the world allows open borders.

And yes, children should be cared for by their parents. Why should my hard-earned tax money pay for babysitters? Pres. Obama practiced removing children from the illegal parents at the border for eight years, and I didn’t like it then either.

About DACA. There is no reason to deport any legal, honest, hardworking and tax contributing person so long as they are working or in school, not living on taxpayer funds and are arrest-free.

Each year, review their “temporary” visitor card. As long as they do not become burdens on the taxpayers, let them stay (as visitors) while their request for citizenship continues through the legal and correct process.

My grandfather immigrated from Sweden the legal way. My grandmother was a Native American out of Thunder Bay, Ontario, just north of Minnesota.

Immigrants need to wait in line like everyone else and come in the “huge front door” that America has and stop slinking in the windows and side doors. Don’t reward people for breaking our laws.

My hard-earned money is better spent caring for our own in need citizens. The more we waste on criminals and illegals, the less we have to spend to care for our citizens. That’s just wrong.

Victoria McBride



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