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Letter: Constitution gives a voice to everyone

What made America great in the past has been our loyalty to the Constitution and human rights principles.

Published on August 22, 2018 8:44AM

Your letter to President Trump is spot on. Newspapers and journalism function to bring our attention to truths we need in order to challenge the assumptions we hold.

News of scientific, religious, historical and social truths as well as local happenings give us a chance to let reality shape us.

What made America great in the past was how the founding of our nation happened, namely, leaving the countries where politics and religion had an authoritarian stranglehold on the populous in order to protect patriarchy by keeping individuals from full self-expression.

The President is to preside over the affairs of our nation, not dictate them; to promote an atmosphere where all voices can express themselves freely so long as they don’t harm others.

What made America great in the past has been our loyalty to the Constitution and human rights principles, not loyalty to a person. President Trump has made his mantra of making America great again by promoting loyalty to himself.

This is the style of dictators and the powerful in order to protect their positions in society. We have benefited immensely by changing laws and processes that have kept minorities, women, people of color, gender pluralities and others out of the democratic dialogue in the past.

We now can hear their voices if we choose and embrace them with compassion as equals not inferiors. It seems that President Trump wants to take us back to a patriarchy that is out of touch with the vast majority of voices in our great country.

Chieftain, keep up the good and honest news reporting.

Don Scully



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