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More info needed on Dunn advisory group plan

I can tell you, an NRAC is a paper-producing beast.

Published on August 22, 2018 8:44AM

I read with interest a Chieftain article where county commissioner-elect Bruce Dunn is proposing an NRAC- like council for a human and social resource advisory committee.

The incorporation of real estate interests on that seems odd, as was the statement that he doesn’t know if “those people” talk to each other. Uh, yes. They generally do already as they co-leverage resources.

Adding another layer of meetings –– unless we can be assured that the county will be guided by the advice they get –– seems ill thought out. Most people working in the areas he describes are working more than a 40-hour a week job already, and unless the county is planning to pay members, this takes away from their ability to fundraise and provide services.

The article resulted in a friend commenting that this looked like “a closed group,” and I think it has the potential for that.

I have worked with NRACs in the past, and one of the specific things they do is direct spending of a portion of money and leveraging outside money –– the very thing Dunn says he doesn’t want.

Before we set up another group, I’d like to see a well-thought-out description of the issues the group will be dealing with and the rules for selection, which for such groups often includes a background check.

I would like to know the tenure for the group members, the authority the county is prepared to grant such a council (oversight over spending some county funds) and how the commissioners plan to organize and manage this entity.

I can tell you, an NRAC is a paper-producing beast.

I can see the potential benefit, but the cost of managing an organization like this correctly has not been addressed. I look forward to learning a lot more.

Kathy Bowman



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