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Wes Williams for judge

Published on October 9, 2018 10:56AM

I am supporting and voting for Wes Williams for circuit court judge for Union and Wallowa counties.

I met Wes 20 years ago on a trip to La Grande for a court matter involving Wallowa County. FOr years I saw him as a civil practice attorney and as a criminal defense attorney in Wallowa County and as a colleage whenever we met.

At all times he was well-informed on the applicable law in each case and thoroughly prepared to present that case for his client, whether a civil law or criminal law matter. In addition, he was always considerate and respectful to the court, opposing counsel, and all witnesses from both sides of the case.

Experience in many areas of the law is essential for a judge in our counties. The judge must be prepared to deal on a daily basis with cases in civil law from domestic relations and business transactions to personal injury and real property cases and in criminal law from barking dogs to murder.

The judge does not have the privilege of specializing as is common in bigger cities. We has practices in all these areas for 22 years and is prepared to handle any of the legal issues that may arise in court.

It takes all of these characteristics to make a first-rate judge, and Wes Williams has always exhibited them in his years of practice of the law. That is why I am supporting him and voting for him for circuit court judge for our two counties, and why I urge all voters to vote for Wes by Nov. 6.

Daniel Ousley

Former Wallowa County and Wheeler County District Attorney


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