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Columnist refuses to answer in anger

Published on November 6, 2018 3:39PM

What fun!

My “Let’s Roll” column has bought some Democrat trolls out of their caves, frothing at the mouth with nonfactual arguments and hurling their spittle of personal insults at me, their new enemy.

I would love to talk to them in person so we could peacefully ask questions and exchange ideas. Maybe we could have lunch at a local diner?

But what if they brought the usual Democrat accouterments of an angry mob and an instigator with a bullhorn leading their mindless chant, “Hey, hey, ho, ho! Let’s Roll has got to go!” and they harassed pedestrians and yelled angry epithets while waving “Love trumps hate” signs?

What if there also were black clothed Antifa thugs with hoodies and masks covering their faces and baseball bats in their hands? Who smashed the diner’s windows, set dumpsters on fire and turned cars upside down? Should I alert the sheriff before meeting with them?

Maybe I will pass.

What I will do is look to the timeless mountains for serenity. I will take this as an opportunity to learn how to forgive from my heart the people who insulted me so publicly.

I refuse to answer anger with anger, and I will not allow that level of rage to permeate my soul.

Thanks to my many friends and their uplifting comments!

I promise to continue writing factual, logical, historically correct columns. Let’s Roll!

Anita VanGrunsven



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