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2017 Spring Fair winners announced

Published on July 11, 2017 3:29PM

Here are the results for Wallowa County 4-H Spring Fair competitions held June 26-27.

• Scrapbooking Skills Junior Champion, Bernadette Matthews; Reserve Champ, Genevieve Matthews; Intermediate Champ, Kaesie Melville.

• Sewing and Knitting Skills Jr. Champion, Iona McDonald; Reserve Champ, Flora McDonald.

• FCS Skill-a-Thon winner, Kaesie Melville.

• Fashion Review Junior Co-champions, Iona McDonald and Flora McDonald; Intermediate Champ, Kaesie Melville.

• Better Breakfast Junior Champion, Iona McDonald.

• Cookie Baking Junior Champion, Flora McDonald.

• Main Dish Intermediate Champion, Kaesie Melville; Reserve Champ Dairy Dish, Kaesie Melville.

• Mini Meals Food Preservation Intermediate Champion, Kaesie Melville; Reserve Champ, Kaesie Melville.

• Tablesetting Champion, Kaesie Melville.

• Outdoor Cookery Champion, Kaesie Melville.

• Favorite Foods Junior Champion, Madison Holcomb; Intermediate Reserve Champ, Sierra Holcomb.

• Food Preparation Intermediate First, Kaesie Melville; Beef award, Kaesie Melville.

• Judge’s Choice Best Junior Cook co-winners, Iona and Flora McDonald.

• Best Intermediate Cook, Kaesie Melville.

• Junior Individual Illustrated Talk Champion, Dakota Delyria; Reserve Champ, McKenzie Keffer.

• Junior Team Illustrated Talk, Lucy Matthews and Lily Royes.

• Junior Individual Demonstration Champion, Libby Fisher; Reserve Champ, Tessa Duncan.

• Junior Team Demonstration Talk Champion, Harlie Stein and Kimber Stein.

• Intermediate Individual Illustrated Talk Champion, Brianna Micka; Reserve Champ, Casidee Harrod.

• Intermediate Team Illustrated talk, Aubrina Melville and Haily Cunningham.

• Intermediate Individual Demonstration Champion Kaesie Melville.

• Senior Illustrated Talk Champion Team, Diedre Schreiber and Maddi Tracy.

• Public Speaking Intermediate Champion, Baily Vernam; Senior Champion, Caitlin Robb.

• Impromptu Speaking Intermediate Champion Baily Vernam, Reserve Champ, Jakob Falk, Senior Champion Deidre Schreiber.

• Dairy Foods Presentation Award first place, Lucy Matthews.

• Stockgrowers Beef Presentation Award, Aubrina Melville and Haily Cunningham.

• State Fair Qualifiers in Intermediate Presentations: Brianna Micka and Cassidee Harrod.

• State Fair Qualifiers in Speaking: Bailey Vernam and Caitlin Robb.

• State Fair Qualifiers in Impromptu Speaking: Baily Vernam, Destiny Wecks and Jacob Falk.

Qualifying to do presentations at Horse Classics:

• Intermediate Cassidee Harrod, Alternate Intermediate Chance Arbogast; Senior Brianna Micka; Intermediate Team Addie Royes and Rosie Movich and Senior Team Diedre Schreiber and Maddi Tracy; Public Speaking Intermediate Bailey Vernam and Alternate Destiny Weck; Public Speaking Senior Diedre Schreiber and Alternate Maddi Tracy.

• High Point Archery Team: Ian Goodrich and Harley Miller.

• Most Improved Archer: Andrew Nordvedt.

High Point for the Year in Archery:

• Recurve Longbow Junior High Point, McClane Melville; Intermediate, Chance Arbogast.

• Barebow Junior High Point, Andrew Nordvet; Intermediate, Mary Catherine Matthews.

• Compound Bow Junior High Point, Hanley Miller; Intermediate, Cole Gomes; and Senior Andrew Matthews.


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