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3 minutes with Jorge Augilar Jr.

Published on September 5, 2017 4:07PM

3 Minutes with ....

3 Minutes with ....

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Jorge Augilar Jr., 47, came to Enterprise from Nyssa in 1983 when he was starting high school and spent his high school years at Enterprise.

He worked for Steve and Linda Testerman at the Enterprise Texaco station and Steve’s Auto Repair until he began working as support crew fighting wildfires.

He came back to the Texaco station in 2007, now owned by the Testerman’s son, Tim, and called “Advance Auto Repair.”

It’s a job that has suited him in pretty much every way for the last 10 years.

Augilar enjoys helping out in whatever way is needed at Community Connection, shoveling sidewalks in the winter, doing repairs and even helping in the kitchen. He’s also been involved with Bowlby Bash (now called Summerfest) downhill racing, both as a racer and as a volunteer since it’s beginnings six years ago. Augilar won both the adult division speedster race and the Overall Speedster Derby Championship with his downhill car, “Bandito,” in 2017.

Augilar is single.

Q. What do you do for fun and entertainment in Wallowa County?

A. I like to hang out with my friends and family, walk around and ride my bike while listening to music. My bike is a cruiser Sting Ray Schwinn bike designed by Orange County Choppers. I enjoy playing around with my soapbox car, which I’ve raced every year at Bowlby Bash/Summerfest. I enjoy the soapbox derby; it’s fun to watch the kids and family have fun with it. I enjoy downhill racing, too.

Q. What do you like or not like about your job?

A. I like my work. There’s ups and down in any job, but mostly ups for me because I get to talk to people and know where they’re from. This year we got lots of Texans and Californians — but we’re still overflowing with Washington people. This year I met five or six people from Germany and two from the Netherlands. Twice a year we have the original owner of this station visit us. He lives in New York, now, but he comes back just to visit and always comes to see how his station is doing.

We also do detail work, here. We do airbags, tow hitches, fender flares, brush guards and other accessories. That’s fun, too. I like doing everything we do here.

Q. What are you favorite television shows?

A. American Pickers, Gas Monkey Garage, Diesel Brothers and Tree House Master. Most of those are on satellite. The tree house guy, Pete Nelson, who is an architect and designer, goes all over the world building tree house condos. He even went to the Amazon rain forest to visit other tree house builders. Sometimes I watch America’s Got Talent — I especially like the hip hop dancers on that.


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