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3 Minutes with Tiana Fough

3 Minutes with Tiana Fough

Published on September 12, 2017 2:59PM

Tiana Fough, 29, of Joseph, has only been in the county for a year but she’s already involved in the community.

She’s the mother of three small children: a four-month-old son and two daughters in kindergarten (5 years) and first grade (6 years). The family moved here following her husband’s job and Tiana became involved as an instructional aide in Enterprise Elementary School immediately.

She has a bachelors in business and has taught nurturing parenting classes. She enjoys working out of the home, but has been pretty busy with her newborn and two small daughters. She jokes that she “went to college to get her Mrs.”

She volunteers in her church regularly, was coordinator for Mothers of Preschoolers before moving to the county, and sews items for baby showers.

Q. What do you like best about your job?

A. When I was an aide I loved being involved in the school. I was an aide for one specific child, but I helped in the class, I love seeing the progress. It’s nice to watch the personal growth of individual children. For now, I’m a stay-at-home mom. I’ve always known I wanted to be a mom. The best thing about being a mom is watching your kids learn — being an influential part of their learning. I like teaching them other things than they learn in a book. Right now we’re learning how to ride a bike without training wheels – we’ll learn that if we keep trying. Learning how to read – that’s fun.

Q. What does your family do for fun?

A. We go to the lake, paddle board, hike — we haven’t gone on any major hikes because I’ve been pregnant with my son most of the time I’ve been here. We like board games. We have family game night and we like to watch (mostly Disney) movies. I sew but I haven’t gotten my sewing machine out since I’ve been here.

Q. What movies, books or television shows have you enjoyed recently?

A. We like Jessie (Disney channel) and we enjoyed “Boss Baby.” We watch mostly kid movies. I’m reading a Bible study book right now called Kingdom Women. If I get that done, I’m pretty happy. I don’t get much reading done with a four-month-old. We enjoy music, all kinds of music, and we enjoy singing a family song together. My mom used to sing to me, and her mom before that — “I’ll buy a rose for you.”


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