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3 minutes with Duncan Galvin

He landed a summer job building trails in Wallowa County in 2010.

Published on March 27, 2018 12:56PM

Kathleen Ellyn/ChieftainDuncan Galvin

Kathleen Ellyn/ChieftainDuncan Galvin

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Tree Service/Barista

Duncan Galvin, 31, of Enterprise graduated from Hood River High in 2005 and went to Portland to play electric bass. He played with The Parson Red Heads at the Crystal Ballroom, Mississippi Studios, Doug Fir Lounge and other venues while working as a barista and doing landscaping.

He met his wife-to-be Talia Filipek in 2009 at a May Day bonfire in Philomath, and the couple married in 2013.

Along the way, he landed a summer job building trails in Wallowa County in 2010 and got to know some folks and love the area. He had enrolled in OSU Cascades in Bend and earned his bachelor’s in natural resources, thinking it would help him get rehired into a Forest Service job. It did. He worked for the Forest Service again in 2016 and 2017.

It was in 2016 that the couple moved to Wallowa County. They spent the summer in a fifth-wheeler with Duncan working trails and then decided that although they loved Wallowa County, they ought to see more of the country before settling down and growing roots.

So they took “an epic trip” across the entire United States, and on that trip, they learned they were expecting their daughter Aoife. That settled it. They came “home” to Wallowa County.

Aoife was born at St. Luke’s in Boise 10 months ago. Duncan was hired by Eric Sinclair of Sinclair Brothers Tree Service for a thinning job and remains with the company.

Duncan will soon be returning to an early skill, barista-ing, when he mans the Sinclair Brothers coffee kiosk later this spring.

Q. You must have seen a lot of beautiful places on that long road trip, why did you choose Wallowa County?

A. We didn’t find anything that held a candle to Wallowa County on the epic trip. We knew we wanted to raise our kids in Wallowa County and decided to come back and plant some roots. We really enjoyed getting to know parts of the community every time we’d come before and we never felt more at home in a place than here.

Q. What has Wallowa County taught you?

A. I think Wallowa County has taught me that no matter where you live it can be hard — it’s just a matter of if it’s worth the challenge.

Q. Can you remember an early book that really impressed you, and can you recommend a book you’ve read recently?

A. I always really loved “The Indian in the Cupboard” series (by Lynne Reid Banks). I really got immersed in the stories. A book I can recommend now is “Neither Wolf Nor Dog” by Kent Nerburn. It’s about the author being summoned by a Lakota Elder to help him finish a book. It’s a really amazing book. (Neither Wolf Nor Dog is the 1996 Minnesota Book Award winner and has been made into a movie starring Dave Bald Eagle that premiered March 23).


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