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3 Minutes with Adam Ward

He is now on the board of Alpine Meadows Golf Course.

Published on May 9, 2018 9:35AM


Heating and Cooling Specialist

Adam Ward, 45, of Enterprise dove right into Wallowa County life when he arrived four years ago. He works for the heating and cooling department of Wallowa County Grain Growers and loves his job.

He was born in Corvallis to schoolteacher Larry Ward and Lani (Ward) Gibson in 1973 and, following his parents’ divorce, moved with his dad to Central Oregon. He graduated from Redmond High School in 1992 and went back to the west side, taking a job with Roth Heating and Cooling in Canby. He worked with Roth for 23 years.

“It was hard to leave Roth, I’d worked with people who were like family,” he said. “But I love my job here. I feel very fortunate because I work with great people, and I get to be the guy that helps people bring heat to their house here in Wallowa.”

He met and married Kathleen Greene in Canby in 2007. The couple divorced this year. They have no children.

Adam is an avid hunter and enjoys bow hunting for elk and has filled his tag — though not always with the bow. He has traded in the unfilled bow tag for a rifle tag to be used on private property on occasion, but always keeps the freezer full, he said.

He is also keen on golf. One of his first actions upon moving to Enterprise was to check out the golf course. He is now on the board of Alpine Meadows Golf Course.

Q. How did you come to move to Wallowa County?

A. I’d known about Wallowa County all my life. People would say, ‘Have you seen Wallowa County? You would love it there!’ Once I had visited, I love it. I’m wired for this place, and I love to have nature all around me. Then, Kathleen saw something about Wallowa County and said the hospital was hiring and she wanted to apply. She got a job in the hospital right away, and six months later, I got the job at Grain Growers. We were very fortunate to make it over here to live.

Q. What has Wallowa County taught you?

A. It taught me that there were still places that have, in general, strong values, people who wave when you drive by even when we don’t know each other. People here have those small community values and they are there to help you when you need help and vice versa.

Q. Can you recall the first book you checked out for yourself, and can you recommend a book you’ve read recently?

A. The one that comes to mind is “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak. I was probably in first grade and got it out of the school library. I liked that it was about a young boy like myself who found himself with monster-looking creatures that were nice. It took my imagination somewhere it had never been before.

Just last night I was thinking of the name of a great book — they made a 1965 John Wayne movie about this – “In Harm’s Way.” (The original book, “Harm’s Way,” was written by James Basset in 1962). It’s an incredible story of humanity. He brought things out that had been kept secret for many, many years.


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