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Vision-to-Action workshops in Wallowa postponed

Kathleen Ellyn

Wallowa County Chieftain

Published on May 16, 2017 2:14PM

The Wallowa Revitalization “Vision-to-Action” workshops planned to begin May 4 at Wallowa High School have been postponed, according to Wallowa businessman Garret Lowe.

The revitalization movement has been endorsed by the Wallowa City Council and many independent groups are working on individual projects. Lowe is voluntarily –– outside his official capacity as a city council member –– helping the groups communicate and coordinate efforts.

The “Vision-to-Action” workshops will provide community members the opportunity to share ideas directly. The Northeast Oregon Economic Development District sponsors the workshops.

The postponement will allow time for details of various projects to be determined in advance of the event. That will mean a clearer perspective for participants to discuss.

“We just had some things we needed to get done in Wallowa before we could begin that,” Lowe said. “We’ll be rescheduling those meetings soon.”

Under consideration is connecting downtown to the Nez Perce Homeland site with a new bridge-crossing and paths, bringing Eagle Cap Excursion train service to town, relocating the historic train depot to the town and redevelopment of the historic U.S. Forest Service compound owned by the city.

Progress is being made. The Wallowa History Center is getting closer to leasing the U.S. Forest Service compound. The lease cannot be finalized, until the center changes its nonprofit 501c3 status from a 501c3 association and to a 501c3 corporation, said History Center member and facilitator Mary Ann Burrows of Wallowa.

“We’re getting closer,” Burrows said. “We’re very hopeful that we get done before very long.”


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