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Enterprise Library receives $5,000 gift

The Horner Papers project will not take the entire $5,000 donation.

Published on January 17, 2018 10:25AM

Enterprise Public Library has received a generous gift of $5,000 from Col. Daniel Boyd of Ashland, Ore. Boyd has long-time connections to Wallowa County.

“Every year at Christmas, Col. Boyd sends the library a card with $100 in it,” said Denine Rautenstrauch, City of Enterprise Librarian. “His mother was involved in our library when he was a kid. This year he sent his Christmas card, and I opened it and there was a check for $5,000.”

The gift was apparently inspired when Boyd visited the library last summer and spoke with Rautenstrauch.

“One of the things I’d talked to him about was the John Harlan Horner Papers,” she said.

John Harlan Horner is not to be confused with Oregon Historian John B. Horner. The Wallowa County John H. was a bachelor who lived in the county and wrote a four-volume set of books about Wallowa County.

“It’s a fantastic thing, but it’s 1,500 pages,” Rautenstrauch said. “We created an index for it, and what I want to do is make it a machine-readable document that is word-searchable that will be on the library’s database.”

Dale Potter of Enterprise owns the copyright for the huge document and has already stated he will grant permission for the library to do the project.

“The books really are truly fantastic, lots of historical information, but if you don’t want to read 1,500 pages, they’re difficult to use,” said Rautenstrauch. “If they’re scanned in and you can just type in a name or a place name –– it’s going to pull it up. I think it’s pretty cool. I’m excited.”

The Horner Papers project will not take the entire $5,000 donation so Col. Boyd has agreed that the balance will be spent on new shelving for children’s books.

“When they built those shelves in 1914, children’s books were all smaller,” said Rautenstrauch. “A lot of the (newer) kids books have to sit over sideways and some don’t fit at all. I explained that to Col. Boyd and he was thrilled with this idea.”


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