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Judge Russell B. West announces retirement

He has served since January 2003.

Published on February 6, 2018 10:48AM



Russell B. West, presiding judge of the Circuit Court in the 10th Judician district, has announced his retirement. The district includes Union and Wallowa counties.

He has served since January 2003 and previously was Union County District Attorney 1985-2002.

In a statement released late Tuesday, West said it had been an honor to serve as judge.

“I will miss my staff in both Union and Wallowa County Circuit Courts,” he said. “They all work so hard and are so dedicated to their jobs.”

West said he would serve as a senior judge for five more years, sitting as a judge pro tem for 35 days each year.

“As a senior judge, I will be filling in for judges who are ill or who are on vacation or at trainings,” West said.


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