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Wallowa County ayes four new B&B permits

Three of the applicants will not use signage.
Kathleen Ellyn

Wallowa County Chieftain

Published on February 6, 2018 3:51PM

Wallowa County is getting four new bed and breakfast choices in the coming months. The Wallowa County Planning Commission voted unanimously Jan. 30 to approve requests presented by Mackenzie P.R. Roorda of Joseph, Frances Leigh Dawson of Joseph, Nils and Anette Christoffersen of Enterprise and Nicole Bellows and Laurence Davis of Lostine.

Facts and findings were approved for Roorda and Dawson. Individuals who express opposition to a conditional use permit have 12 calendar days to appeal, but no one at the session expressed opposition.

Christoffersen and Bellows requests will be finalized at the next meeting, Feb. 27, and followed by a 12-day window for appeals. However, no opposition was recorded for their requests, either.

In fact, Nicole Bellows’ neighbor Dennis Henderson put his approval succinctly: “I am in favor of Nicole Bellows conditional use permit. We need this added kind of income in the county,” he wrote.

All four proposals were found to have minimum impact in their neighborhoods, excluded smoking and outdoor fires and limited the number of occupants.

Three of the four applicants eschewed signage, although they have a right to modest shingles, and most also said they would not allow pets.

The Christoffersens, who reside on Black Marble Lane, will also continue to apply dust abatement to the lane, as is their practice.

All of the operations must provide food, but the breakfast can be as minimal as muffins and coffee. None of the applicants said they planned on providing full breakfasts.

In addition to obtaining conditional use permits, all four operations will be required to collect and remit the county’s bed tax.


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