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Library essay contest winners announced

Why the public library is important to me

Published on April 25, 2018 8:39AM


Mike Koloski

Read Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” and “Richard III”

Slay dragons, sail seas, or “Kill a Mockingbird”

Try Hillerman, Dante, Ms. Margaret Truman

Or there’s Patterson, Ibsen, and Alfred E. Newman


Find Hemingway, Dickens, Fitzgerald, and Cook

Browning, Lewis Carroll, “Smee”------“Captain Hook”.

Seek Kerouac, Doug Adams; all “Hitchhiking” free

“Rebecca”, “Heathcliff”, “The Divine Comedy”


What’s that? -- “1984” Isn’t a treatise on math?

George Orwell travelled a quite different path?

Oh, they’re tricky these giants of literary standing.

Posing questions of life, deep and demanding.


Whodunit asks Arthur, without even blinking.

Twisting and turning my linear thinking

Philosophy, geology, Sigmund and Cato.

All hounding and pounding my brain into playdoh.


Was it Steinbeck who said, “I think—therefore I am”?

Or Erma Bombeck, in her chapter on jam?

Good gracious--man! How can I ever be sure?

Your advice?! – Just go through the door?!


Yes! Answers await you, whether wealthy or poor,

The moment you pass through a Library Door.

A magical carpet beckons right there inside.

Hop on, settle down for a fabulous ride.


You’re whisked safely along—free, without censure.

Guided, protected through unfolding adventure.

Stretch your boundaries, your knowledge, marvel and savor

Literary dishes of great color and flavor.


Later you smoothly touch down, feet back on the floor

Gather up your memories and head back out the door..

At the threshold you pause, a smile on your face,

Your mind will never return to its previous place!

Mary W. Zeise, Second

Shari Warnock, Third


Emrys Hobbs

Enterprise Elementary School

The library is very important to me because it gives me ideas and a sense of imagination. Some of the characters I read about are a bit like me. The librarian is helpful, kind, and always happy to recommend books for me. I can learn lots by reading books.

A lot of the books are very amusing, but some are sad, and some make you mad. It’s important to read books that make you have different feelings because it helps you understand other people’s problems.

Why public libraries are important is because some people don’t have these books or enough money to buy books or people to help them find the right ones. Having the chance to read books means more chances for everything.

The library provides books and quiet for me. Deep, lovely quiet. It helps me learn, and I love to learn. It’s an old space. My Grandma and Grandpa used to read here seventy years ago. It’s a very big space with lots of bookshelves. I love bookshelves.

Did you know that the library also has an elevator and cool pictures?

It’s the best place in the world.

p.s. You might want to watch “The Amazing Bookman” which is a short film I made for the Ruby Peak Film Festival last month: https://youtu.be/GiaJ80nK3RE

Freya Hostetter, Second

Jacob Journigan, Third

Wallowa Elementary


Kylee Sanders

Enterprise Elementary School

The public library is important to me because not only do they provide books that I don’t have, they also give me a learning opportunity. If it wasn’t for the library, I wouldn’t be the best speller in my class. Besides, I just love it when I get lost in a book, it is almost like being a character in the book your reading.

One of my favorite books is “Twilight.” I just got done reading “Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a book.”I also like the library because it is the perfect place to relax in a chair with a good book. I live right by the library!

I love to go there and either get a book or go on a computer. When we first moved here, I wasn’t allowed to go to the library, that is until my mom met a friend and was meeting her at the library.

When we first entered the library, I was awestruck, my old towns library wasn’t as big and was in terrible shape. My mom told me to explore, but she didn’t need to say anything because I was already looking at books. I love having the library near and hope we never move back to my old town.

I hope you like my essay on why I think the library matters. You may not know me, but I know the library is something I will never forget.

Shayna Wilkie, Second

Enterprise Elementary

Camdyn Weer, Third

Joseph Elementary

Awards will be presented Wallowa County Library 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 25, 207 NW Logan St., Enterprise. The contest was sponsored by The Chieftain, Fishtrap, Building Healthy Families and the librarians of Wallowa County.


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