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Tee Time: Volunteers abound at Alpine Meadows

Rochelle Danielson writes a weekly golf column for the Chieftain.

Published on August 14, 2018 3:44PM

First impressions are important.

Tuesday Ladies Day golfers, wanting to impress their guests from Union, La Grande and Baker who’d signed to play in the annual Gail Beck Ladies Invitational Aug. 14 at Alpine Meadows golf course, deserve a Thumbs Up for their part in helping to make the course look its spiffy best.

This past week, the women discarded their golf glove for their gardening gloves and went about to perk up the tee box flower beds. These energized bunnies also pulled weeds and thistles and cleared broken tree branches along the front fence and parking area.

All Alpine Meadows volunteers deserve a thumbs up for the work they do at the golf course to make it an enjoyable place for the public. So far this season, donated service amounts to 710 hours.

Thumbs up to whoever began excavating the pile of dirt that someday is to become the forward No. 7 tee box. Their actions have certainly elevated women golfer’s spirits.

Thumbs Up to Brad Graybeal, an Emmett, Idaho, resident, whose fondness for the course prompted him to volunteer his services to maintain bunkers on a once-a-month basis. The work is time-consuming.

Thumbs down to sandtrap golfers who don’t rake up after themselves and the same goes for smokers who use bunkers as ashtrays. And a word to the cats on the course that use the sandtraps as their litter box ... this is definitely thumbs down.

Thumbs up to golfers who repair fairway divots with sand, and who also repair ball marks on the greens.

Thumbs up to Terry Lamb who explains the skins game:

A ‘skin’ is the lowest score on a hole made by a participant in the skins game.

A gross skin is the lowest actual score made, and a net skin is the lowest score made after a person’s handicap is subtracted from actual score.

Thumbs up to John Neil for his once-a-month coffee contribution to the clubhouse.

Thumbs up to Bill Ables, Brad Stevens and Terry Lamb who played Pendleton’s Wildhorse Aug. 7. Ables shot 75. Stevens and Lamb shot 85.

Thumbs up to all Wallowa County golfers who continuously donate their time to give Alpine Meadows that lasting first impression.

Rochelle Danielson writes a weekly golf column for the Chieftain.


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