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Published on January 17, 2018 10:28AM

A ranch house snuggles up against a partly wooded hill in the Imnaha region of northeast Oregon. This undated photo was provided to the Chieftain by the Oregon State Highway Commission.

Chieftain file photo

A ranch house snuggles up against a partly wooded hill in the Imnaha region of northeast Oregon. This undated photo was provided to the Chieftain by the Oregon State Highway Commission.

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Jan. 17, 1918

The first Wallowa County soldier to die in France is Harry A. Savage who lived on Eden Ridge for four years. He contracted pneumonia and died, according to dispatches.

Wallowa County post offices have been unable to obtain the new three-cent postage stamps as of late because the government printing office has been overrun with work on thrift stamps and war saving certificates and cannot print them quickly enough.

J.W. McAlister, after referring to his diary, stated last week that he found a record of only two winters in the past years as mild as the present season. George D. Wood and Sam Wade were discussing it on the street last week and concluded that although the winters of 1891 and 1892 were moderate until the middle of January, they were not as warm as this year. In this season, there have been stretches of weeks without so much as a frost.


Jan. 15, 1948

The Wallowans Club at Wallowa has underwritten the purchase of a two-page press and a used Linotype typesetter that will be installed in Wallowa at a plant that will publish the Wallowa Record. The Record, which was started last fall, has been published at the same plant as the Elgin Recorder.

According to a computation based upon the number of water users listed in the files of the city recorder’s office, the population of Enterprise is now 2,174. The current estimate indicates a population increase of 27 percent since 1940. Using the same computation, Wallowa’s population was estimated at 1,091 and Joseph’s was estimated at 813 with increases of 30 percent and 28 percent, respectively.

Mrs. Sarah Whitman is believed to hold a Wallowa County record for number of great-grandchildren. With the birth of John Lee on Jan. 4 to Vivian and Leroy Pickron of Kalamazoo, Mich., the number of Mrs. Whitman’s great-grandchildren rose to 28.


Jan. 18, 1968

John Engle of La Grande, with his Polaris snowmobile, was the winner of the six-mile cross-country race at Sled Springs on Sunday.

Local bank deposits continue to soar, according to figures released this week by the First National Bank of Oregon for the Enterprise branch. Deposits at the end of the year were $9,141,241, up almost 20 percent from last year. This is an all-time record for the bank.

Wallowa County faces some school reorganization in the near future as the result of action by the 1967 Oregon legislature. The reorganization being contemplated calls for consolidation of IED districts –– the county-wide, so-called rural school districts. Representatives from the La Grande district appear to be in favor of the proposition and have suggested that Union, Wallowa, Umatilla and Morrow consolidate under one board.


Jan. 21, 1993

The privilege of driving to the south shore of Wallowa Lake will cost motorists $3 a day or $20 a year under a new fee structure adopted by the Oregon Parks Commission. The proposed day use fee has already drawn heavy criticism from Wallowa County residents who say it will be bad for the local economy, bad for persons with small discretionary incomes, and bad for park and community relations.

A second avalanche in Imnaha, occurring Thursday, again blocked the upriver road and prompted the county crew to clear and open the road. This avalanche was of greater volume than the first, occurring at the same point above the Garnett Ranch from the hillside to the right of the Shevlin Meadows.

On the eve of President Clinton’s inauguration, a Nez Perce-hosted reception in Washington, D.C., in conjunction with the annual meeting of the National Congress of American Indians was accompanied by a recitation of Chief Joseph’s words by Allen Slickpoo. The event celebrated the dramatic expansion of the Nez Perce National Historic Park, which includes several sites in Wallowa County and provides federal support for educational and cultural services, inclusion in the National Park Service tourist and instructional publications and Park Service maintenance and protection.


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