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Out of the Past: North end wheat harvested by truck for the first time

From the archives of The Wallowa County Chieftain.

Published on October 8, 2018 4:09PM

Built on a truck carriage, this Checker Cab, piloted by Jerry Moffit of Lostine, appeared to be one of the most solid cars of the 40 entered in the 1979 dirt oval track races at Wallowa County Fairgrounds. The car eventually stalled in the middle of the track.

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Built on a truck carriage, this Checker Cab, piloted by Jerry Moffit of Lostine, appeared to be one of the most solid cars of the 40 entered in the 1979 dirt oval track races at Wallowa County Fairgrounds. The car eventually stalled in the middle of the track.

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Cheryl Jenkins


Oct. 10, 1918

Saving of sugar is urgent. This means careful use and no waste of sugar or sugar substitutes. Cultivate a taste for less sweet desserts, beverages, jams and jellies. We need only enough sugar to make our meals palatable.

Thanks to the use of auto trucks, a large part of the north end wheat, which is to be sold this year, has been delivered at the elevator and warehouses already. In former years the custom was to wait until winter and haul the wheat out on sleighs.

Gottfred Julius Carlson and Elmer Carlson, brothers, departed in great haste early this week from their home at Zumwalt after a gathering there without precedent in the history of Wallowa County. Nearly everybody living in the community, 100 men and women, gathered at the house Monday night. The visitors told the brothers they were ungrateful and disloyal to the land which had given them a home and prosperity, and advised them to move out without delay. There have come complaints by word of mouth, and by letter, that certain homesteaders of alien birth were hiding behind this birth to escape assuming any responsibility on behalf of the land to which they had come, that they refused to do military service or to help in war finances or Red Cross or other kindred work.


Oct. 7, 1948

An army of deer hunters, estimated to number approximately 3,000, has been swarming over Wallowa County the past week with indifferent success. Up to yesterday, 167 bucks had been checked in at the lockers in Joseph, Enterprise, Lostine and Wallowa. This represents less than a six percent kill by the hunters believed to be in the field.

Cecil Baker was instantly killed at the Stanley Shell ranch near Wallowa Tuesday morning when he was crushed beneath a tractor, which fell from a truck.

The Enterprise Lumber Co. has completed the construction of its retail lumber yard on Greenwood Street and will be open for business Saturday with the public invited in for “open house.” Gifts for everyone, including the women and children, and door prizes are being offered.


October 10, 1968

With the close of registration last Saturday, Wallowa County Democrats outnumbered Republicans by over 650 out of a total registration of 3,408. The Democrats have their strongest roots in the Lostine and Wallowa No. 3 precinct. The Republican strongholds are in the Flora and Enterprise No. 3 precinct. Total of the two parties is 1,362 Republicans and 2,031 Democrats. The Independents have 8 and the non-partisan 7.

The 1968 mountain goat season was held in the high Wallowa mountains in the vicinity of Sacajawea Peak and the upper reaches of Hurricane Creek Sept. 28 through Oct. 2. According to the Game Commission office, five of the eight hunters were successful in bagging their game.

Mr. and Mrs. Verne Russell of Joseph were subjected to an unusual accident last Friday when returning home from La Grande. The windshield of their car was struck by a flying object just as a carload of youngsters passed by. It was first suspected that perhaps a beer bottle had been thrown out by the youngsters. However, no evidence of the projectile, whatever it was, could be found. The object struck the windshield shattering glass all over the occupants, throughout their hair and clothing and in the upholstery of the car.


Oct. 7, 1993

Three Wallowa County residents received statewide recognition at the recent Emergency Medical Services Conference in Portland. Liz Morgan was named Oregon’s EMT of the Year, while Connie Stein was the state’s lone recipient of the Life Saving Medal. Dennis McCleary, an employee of PP&L, received the EMS Civilian Medal for his aid to victims and help during an auto accident near Enterprise in May.

A Troy-area man, Terry Dale Hampton, was killed Thursday when his pickup rolled 600 feet off the narrow Bartlett Road down a steep hillside about a mile north of Troy.

Losing no time in getting their first production of the year to the stage, Joseph High School drama club members will present a 1880s farce, “Charley’s Aunt” next week. The play stars Will Roundy, Scott Dancer, Brent Latta, Jenni Blanchet and Ashley Jones and is directed by Norma Wetzell with Amy Washburn serving as student director.


The recent archive photo of the two gentlemen with the antlers from their recent hunting success were Deb Fordice and his son Phil. The photo was taken at the Haas Horse Troughs in 1962 or 1963. The hunting party included Bud Maxwell and Harold Lay.


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