The Enterprise Planning Commission has given its approval to Bruce Cummings, DMD, to build a 2,000 foot addition to a house at 204 Residence St. for the purpose of relocating Cummings' dental practice. Cummings and wife Marjorie do not anticipate the work being done until next spring or early next summer. The permitting process has taken longer than anticipated.

At present Cummings' dental practice is located at The Crossroads complex on the sweeping corner across the highway from where the Hurricane Creek Hwy. leaves Hwy. 82.

Marjorie Cummings says the addition will double the amount of space now available for their practice, allowing for a more spacious waiting room and possibly, in the future, allowing for a part time oral surgeon to schedule patients a few days each month. "We can serve the community so much better with the additional space," says Marjorie Cummings who works in the dental practice.

Dr. Cummings purchased the practice of retired Dr. Bryce Moffit and began working out of The Crossroads office July 16, 2001. One of three dentists in Wallowa County, Cummings is a graduate of Oregon Health Sciences University.

The husband and wife team would like to get construction underway this fall, but are finding out that local contractors are extremely busy this time of year.

The plan is to use the addition for the dental facility with the existing house utilized as a conference room for staff, a place for workers to change into and out of their scrubs and a place for the Cummings children to come after school.

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