The loop of about 78 miles from Enterprise to Buckhorn Overlook, through the Zumwalt Prairie Preserve, and back offers a pleasant, sometimes spectacular drive off-the-beaten path suitable for passenger cars.

The drive to Buckhorn starts about three miles east of Enterprise on Highway 82 at Eggleson Corner, where you turn left following the Buckhorn Lookout sign (35 miles).

Continue to where Zumwalt Road turns right off the Crow Creek Road; it is paved for about two miles, and then graveled.

The road, passing a number of nice ranch properties, meanders betweens Bailey and Findley Buttes through The Nature Conservancy's 33,000-acre Zumwalt preserve, which has the largest remaining grassland of its type in the country and is home to large numbers of hawks, eagles and other wildlife.

The Trail Creek Roads turn to the right through the and drops down into Imnaha. However, you stay on the Zumwalt and continue north toward Buckhorn. You will pass the Steen Ranch at the edge of the timber.

One nice side trip is Indian Village, with the turnoff a few miles after Steen Ranch identified with a small concrete marker and Road 880; turn right on Road 8809 and continue to an interpretive sign on the right. There is a half-mile trail into a stand of pine. Indian Village is an area where the Nez Perce camped and harvested the sweet cambian layer from trees before roots and berries were ready to havest. The trees have healed, but scars remain.

If you take the side trip, return to the road you came in, and continue to Buckhorn Overlook about six miles away.

The overlook provides a magnificent view of the Imnaha Canyon country and ridges extending to the southeast. The viewer look from a 5,200-foot elevation at the Cow, Horse and Lighting creek drainages and down at the Imnaha River at 800 feet.. The lookout elevation, was built in the 1940s and was restored in recent years.

Both the Indian Village grove and Buckhorn Overlook are part of the Nez Perce National Historic Trail.

When leaving the overlook, the loop continues west 43 miles through the Chesnimnus country. The road hits Highway 3 north of Enterprise. This beautiful drive takes 3 to 3 1/2 hours.

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