The Wallowa County Health Care District Board of Directors voted Monday morning to authorize three hospital purchases for a total of $26,248. One piece of equipment will be an addition to the staff's equipment while two pieces will be replacements.

A patient monitor unit for the surgery department will be purchased for $9,623. Hospital CEO Larry Davy said that surgery has been borrowing the piece of equipment from other branches of the hospital and that it is time for surgery to have its own unit.

The hospital had been working with three freezer units that are from 25 to 30 years old, said Davy, and one broke down. Davy said that one supplier has been extending the use of a freezer free of charge to meet the hospital's need. The board voted to purchase a walk-in freezer at a price of $7,971.

A physician's dictation transcriber at a cost of $8,654 was also authorized. Hospital financial officer Randal Anderson described the piece of modernized equipment as "software with a microphone attached." Davy said that medical records would still transcribe the physician dictation, but that the doctors are pleased with the flexibility offered by the new equipment. The transcriber was described as "very portable" and "very user friendly."

Anderson said that June was another good month financially for the district.

When figured with the rest of the fiscal year Anderson noted that total operating revenue of $8.67 million was $1.1 million above the budgeted amount. Total operating expenses for the fiscal year were $662,000 above the budgeted amount. With tax revenue and other non-operating revenue put into the mix the district earned $532,442 in the fiscal year, causing Anderson to use the phrase "a stellar year."

District Attorney Dan Ousley was present to swear in Chairman Ed Jensen, Marsha Svendsen and Bruce Penoske to another term of office. The board voted to keep the same slate of officers: Jensen as chairman, Bob Evans as vice chairman and Penoske as secretary.

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