You can't get lost in Lostine - though you might lose Lostine in a blink. The tiny city boasts just over 250 residents, and the business district is pretty much the short stretch of Highway 82 that runs through it.

But don't drive that stretch. Pull over in front of the historic Lostine Tavern and take a little walking tour. First off, take a gander at that tavern. It is one of the oldest buildings in town, circa late 1800s and built of volcanic Bowlby stone that's still quarried nearby. The tavern went through the usual rural transformations, from creamery to drug store to tavern by 1940. Nowadays, co-owners Krag and Kim Norton and Wylie Frei serve up a famous burger and guarantee a couple of theme-food nights in addition to pouring the local brew from Enterprise's Terminal Gravity Brewery.

One block south is Lostine United Presbyterian Church, a building that has served its congregation for more than 120 years. Construction on the church began in 1886 and finished in 1888, but improvements continue.

Due east of the tavern you'll spot another Bowlby stone building worth looking at - the Providence Academy in the historic Lostine Schoolhouse.

Stretch your legs another couple of blocks south on 82 and you'll find yourself on the porch of M.Crow General Store. This historic business has been in operation since 1906. It's still owned by the Crow family and a look around will let you know what sort of things Lostine folks have needed for more than 100 years

If your interests are just a little bit "outlaw," turn between M.Crow and Norton Welding and drop down the hill to Chopper Customs. Tim Delancey builds "old school choppers" here for folks from all over the nation.

Climb back up to the main route and walk a bit further south and you'll find Lostine's newest sight -the crazy/fun Blue Banana Espresso house. You can't miss it. It's the building with a period Volkswagen Bug halfway through the wall and a small airplane crashed on the roof.

This year there's also The Station, which sells local produce, crafts and baked goods.

South Fork River Canyon, just six miles up Lostine River Road, will give you access to the high lakes and trout fishing of the finest magnitude. You also might just see Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep - this area is home to the largest herd in Oregon. Bring good field glasses and stop to glass the hills frequently - sheep have keen sight and will see you before you see them with the naked eye.

Back on 82, headed on to Enterprise, keep an eye out for the big three-story house off on the left. It's a ranch-house now, but it used to be the original railroad hotel.

That is what you will see in Lostine on an ordinary day. But once a year, in July, you will see the tiny town boom with flea market fun. Vendors come from as far away as Florida and Arizona, and shoppers haul away antiques, jewelry, horse and cowboy tack, and other treasures. See page 46 to see why everyone enjoys getting lost in Lostine during this popular event.

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