Officials aren't laughing at 'wacky' shenanigans

State trooper Kreg Coggins

A local game warden is reminding hunters to not commit any of the illegal shenanigans that he commonly sees each year.

"I've seen a lot of wacky things," said Oregon Trooper Kreg Coggins, who serves as area fish and wildlife trooper.

The four most common hunting violations are shooting from one's vehicle, forgetting to validate one's hunting tags, violating road closures and trespassing, Coggins said.

The troopers may use decoys to find people who are shooting from their cars or hunting after dark, he said.

One particular hunter, Coggins recalled from when he worked in Tillamook, stopped to shoot a deer decoy and then promptly went to relieve himself, number two. Needless to say, the guy got a ticket.

Hunting without having the proper tags in hand is a very common violation and sometimes people do it trying to kill an animal for someone else, he said.

"I've had people throw their $1,000 rifles over the hill to avoid getting caught," Coggins said. That's why sometimes you find rusty rifles in the forest, he said.

Elk tags are $34.50 and deer tags are $19.50, Coggins said.

People often drive on private and Forest Service roads that are closed, he said.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife now has a motion-activated camera that captures license plates of drivers who violate road closures, Coggins said.

Near the property owned by the Gallatin Timber Company, Coggins said there are billboards that post maps and describe which areas are open and closed to hunters.

The ODWF also posts maps of road closures and other places off limits to hunters. There is no hunting in state parks or near cemeteries.

Archery season started Aug. 26 and runs until Sept. 24.

To report game violations, call 426-3049 or the 24-hour OSP dispatch line at 426-3036.

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