100 years ago

February 13, 1919

The oven of the new Model bakery, with inside dimensions of 12 by 14 feet, has been completed and fire was started in it a few days ago. Considerable more work remains to be done, remodeling the building on West Main street, and putting in the necessary partitions.

Sunday afternoon picture shows will be started in the O. K. Theater the coming Sunday, with “Pershing’s Crusaders”, a United States government film. J. A. Van Wie, manager of the house, decided on this course after hearing all sides of the question. There is no state law against opening places of amusement on Sunday, and no city has the authority to enforce an ordinance to that effect.

With constitution and bylaws adopted, the new Chamber of Commerce of Enterprise will meet again next Tuesday night to elect officers and get ready for business.

Fred Dorrance had a serious accident while riding from school recently to his home on Crow creek. He was thrown from his horse but his spur caught in the saddle and he was dragged some distance. His companions revived him and assisted him home and he has about recovered.

70 years ago

February 10, 1949

The Lostine school bus with 12 children was stranded in deep snow drifts Tuesday night on School flat in the Leap district from about 5 o’clock in the evening until 2:30 Wednesday morning when rescue crews finally bulldozed their way through several miles of five and six foot drifts to reach the half-buried vehicle. All of the children had been taken a few hours before by horseback to the A. N. McCoy place.

Medicine was flown out and dropped Monday to the 12-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clint Johnson on Crow creek, who had been seriously ill with pneumonia. With the Crow creek road choked with snow for miles from the pass on, a plane was the only means of reaching the isolated ranch.

The Wallowa Memorial hospital committee gratefully acknowledges a pledge of $1,000 from Mr. and Mrs. Roy Daggett of Joseph, and substantial pledges from the following: Snyder Lumber Co., Enterprise; I. E. Snyder, Enterprise; A. M. Pace, Enterprise; and Father Robert E. Kennedy, Enterprise.

Because snow-blocked highways and rail lines into the valley have cut off oil supplies for Pacific Power & Light company’s diesel generating plant, the power company today issued an emergency appeal for a temporary cut in power use.

50 years ago

February 13, 1969

The EHS Savage wrestlers defeated a tough Clarkston team last Friday by the score of 30 to 21. This win gave the Savage team a .500 season. Jawn Stockdale is the only EHS wrestler to have a perfect season this year. Bruce Weimer had the second best record with only one loss and one tie.

Lance Corporal John W. Roberts, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Roberts of Wallowa, is home on 20 days leave from the Marines. Corporal Roberts has completed his tour of duty in Vietnam and while there was commended by the Secretary of the Navy.

The Joseph Chamber of Commerce voted to add a major attraction to the three-day celebration this year, to be held in the rodeo arena during Chief Joseph Days. It is planned that the show will consist of talent of top notch quality. Among those mentioned as possibilities were the Everley Brothers and Hank Thompson.

Burglars struck again at the Shell Mercantile store Tuesday night to make off with a small handful of change. The thieves left their mark on the store by causing quite a little damage before they left.

25 years ago

February 10, 1994

Two elderly Wallowa sisters, Bessie Alice Stickney, 80, and her sister Agnes Shirley Peterson, 72, out for a Sunday drive lost their lives in subzero temperatures this week when their car became stuck on Whiskey Creek Road approximately 12 miles from Wallowa and they succumbed to the cold.

The 1994 Chief Joseph Days Court – Carrie Snyder, Shannon Vernam and Josie Botts – paid their dues Feb. 2 when they served as waitresses at the annual Groundhog Dinner put on by the Joseph Chamber of Commerce.

Progress caught up with the City of Enterprise when the Oregon Department of Transportation installed a flashing caution light at the corner of River and Greenwood Streets, for the safety of school children. The light is one of two in Wallowa County; the other marks the school zone in the City of Wallowa.

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