The Fourth Annual Dick Quinn Memorial Golf Tournament had the best turnout since its inception drawing 68 golfers from around N.E. Oregon. A total of 28 men's teams and six women's made up the field that vied for a total purse of $4080. Over $900 was raised for the Dick Quinn Memorial Fund during the two day tournament at Alpine Meadows Golf Course in Enterprise. The fund was established in memory of EHS basketball and golf coach Dick Quinn used to provide scholarships to EHS seniors.

Mike Rahn and Craig Braseth who competed in the mens first flight finished out the two day event with the best low net score of 121 in their flight. The second flight saw C.J. Jones and Doug Victor with the low net of 122. The flights are determined by the golfers handicap.

The ladies teams saw Sue Quinn and Doreen Quinn, wife of the late Dick Quinn take the honors for low net with a 125. Low net honors are awarded on the basis of scores adjusted for personal handicaps.

Total gross winners for the men's first flight were Lance Holman and Derek Eddy who tore up the course with a 134. Jeff Stoffel and Jeff Trotter headed up the men's second flight gross with a 147.

The womens total gross winners were Kayla Stoffel and Kayla Miller with a 162.

Ladies Net/Gross: K. Miller, K. Stoffel 126/162; M. Hagan, L. Warnock 148/181; V. Grant, P. Gurrard 126/193; S. Williams, M. Kennedy 133/192; G. Beck, M. Anderson 131/195; S. Quinn, D. Quinn 125/196

Mens Net/Gross first flight: G. Grant, J. Marcum 132/143; L. Holman, D. Eddy 130/134; B. Crawford, M. Crawford 129/137; G. Marr, C. Stangel 128/141; B. Warner, D. Warner 142/153; B. Thompson, R. Anderson 134/151; J. Clegg, D. Johnson 126/142; B. Whitten, F. Odom 145/164; R. Harman, S. Richman 137/159; F. Ward, L. Smith 126/151; G. Smith, J. Reyes 132/143; M. Rahn, C. Braseth121/138; J. Quinn, J. Cochran 133/152; L. Stuplich, L. Wilhelm 138/156; J. Thompson, K. Pace 149/158; Mens Net/Gross second flight: J.Harvey, L. Jones 131/155; C. Jones, D. Victor122/158; N. Warnock, M. Reynolds 138/173; J. Cornett, H. Menton 126/160; J. Stoffel, J. Trotter 122/147; G. Rawls Sr., G. Rawls Jr. 125/151; J. Eldred, M. Hayward 131/156; B.Quinn, L.Carroll 140/177; R. Taylor, T. Scott 138/165; R. Hyde, S. Lethridge 133/182; R. Girrard, K. Williams 137/179; D. Trudeau, J. Kinnick 137/175; J.D. Nobles, G. Anderson 124/168.   

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