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At Bat

I stepped up to the plate. It was the bottom of the ninth inning. There were runners on second and third. My best friend Kane was cheering me on from the dug out. Rhyson, who was on second, was yelling “Hit me home!” And Drew who was on third was leading off ready to run as soon as I hit it…. Jaxon Grover, Joseph 7th

…Anxiety filled my entire body. My heart thudding in my chest, my sweating, shaking palms struggling to grasp the bat. “Strike one!” The ump’s voice rang out breaking the silence. My throat tightened as I swallowed the ever growing lump. Trying to clear my mind and get in the zone, I focused on the mound. “Strike two!” Once again the quiet was shattered. The reality set in. This was my last chance. The last ball to make me the hero of the game. I looked out at Kane and Rhyson, leading off their bases. Turning my attention back to the pitcher, our eyes locked as he wound up and let the ball fly… Anonymous, Alt-Ed

…I picked up my front foot and swung at the ball. I hit it right down 2nd base and I started to run. As I was running I saw the ball go over the fence. It was my first homer of the season. I was in so much excitement! Rhyson and Kane ran home. I came last, jogging my way home. My team cheered along with fans in the stand. My team came out of the dugout and gave me a high five… 8th, Joseph

The Museum

It all started on a dark and stormy night in a museum. A man named Andrew Johnson was working the nightshift. He was sitting in his little guard office in the back. The museum was a big building made of stone and metal polished and painted to perfection. Tomorrow was the museum’s 5 year anniversary. He was sitting, watching the security cams when the power went out. He made his way to the generator where the next day… Brandon Cox, Joseph 7th

…would continue as normal. Working the night shift, again the generator turned off. It was dark and cloudy so Johnson pulled out his flashlight and as soon as he did he saw something scurry across the floor. “It’s just my imagination,” he thought as he continued walking. Finally, he had arrived at the generator. One tug. Two tugs. Three tugs. Nothing. It wouldn’t start so Johnson started inspecting the generator. Turns out the spark plug had been removed and in that instant a flash of lighting lit up the room for a second and all Johnson could see was glowing eyes surrounding him… .Theo Noble, Alt-Ed

…This creeped Johnson out. “They must be bats” he said to himself trying to think rationally. Just then he heard a heavy object hit the floor. As the sound echoed through the room the eyes started to disappear. Deep down he was scared of what the noise came from. But he was mostly relieved that the eyes were gone. Little did he know this was just the beginning of a very long night. Anonymous, Joseph 8th.

Generative Exercise: Collaborative Storytelling in Three Parts

Step 1: Talk about the elements that make up the beginning of a story. Write the beginning of a story!

Step 2: Pass the story to someone else. Talk about the elements that make up the middle of a story. Write the middle of a story!

Step 3: Pass the story on to a third, completely different person. Talk about the elements that make up the end of a story. Write the ending!

Step 4: Share the story with all authors. Questions to ask: How did it feel having some your story written with other people? Did your story go where you thought it would?

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