Fishtrap Story Lab inspires youth throughout Wallowa County to share their stories creatively, confidently, and playfully. Beginning with a focus on narrative craft, the program provides students with a host of multimedia tools—from video and animation equipment to music production software and beyond—to hone their skills as writers and producers. Story Lab emboldens students to explore themselves and the places they inhabit, encouraging personal growth and thoughtful participation in community conversation. The result is a generative program as rich and lively as Wallowa County itself.

Making Friends With Pizza

One day Rhyson was in Mrs. Dotson’s class when he made Bob the Tomato Bug. Bob the Tomato Bug’s worst enemy was Owen Gorham. Bob the Tomato Bug is made out of a pin cushion and needles. Bob the Tomato Bug was scared of Owen Gorham but Rhyson was there to T-Homol (his special wrestling move) Owen every time he tried to touch Bob the Tomato Bug. But one day Bob wasn’t scared of Owen so… Rhyson Collier, Joseph 7th

… Bob stopped at the pizza shop so he could try to make friends with Owen. But when Bob arrived at Owen’s, he rang the door bell. Owen opened the door and looked shocked to see Bob at his home. Bob explained he wanted to end their feud and be friends. Owen agreed and then they went inside and ate the pizza together… Anonymous, Alt-Ed

… Bob was very useful to his new friend. He could help him learn to sew (because he was a pin cushion). He taught him about bugs and tomatoes and really just tomato bugs in general. And Owen taught Bob about humans and why they had not gotten along with tomato bugs for all those years. It was because tomato bugs would eat all the tomatoes and the humans couldn’t make pizza. By bringing Owen a pizza, Bob had made peace with the humans and they lived together for many years.

Bob convinced the tomato bugs to control the amount of tomatoes they were eating so the humans could make pizza. And Owen made sure the humans gave a little piece of their pizza to the tomato bugs every time they made one. So in the end, the tomato bugs didn’t have to worry about starvation, and the humans could make their favorite Italian dish. Kenzie Keffer, Joseph 8th

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