The Josephy Center’s current exhibit, “Function of Medium", features the off-the-beaten-path works of La Grande artists Kevin Boylan and Auburn Isaak.

Boylan is a glass blower whose works feature exquisite creations in the medium. Isaak creates abstract art of both sea and landscapes with breathtaking originality with fluid acrylics and mixed media.

Kevin Boylan describes his works as a kind of personal journal and that he uses a type of self-introspection in forming his pieces. The artist is not a typical glass blower in that respect. One can hardly call the pieces at the exhibit “functional art” in the traditional sense. Rather, the best of the pieces can lead the astute observer on his own introspective journey perhaps even crossing paths with the soul of the artist.

Auburn Isaak has settled in her hometown of Joseph. The artist’s works are mainly centered in the mountains and the sea. Somewhat in the manner of Boyan, her pieces can reflect her own inner state. Among her most interesting selections are her triptych pieces: A set of three related panels. Whether depicting her impression of the majesty of the Wallowa Mountains or the stern awesomeness of a mountainous wave, you know she’s spent her time in contemplation of the mightiest aspects of nature, somewhat similar to British artist, James Turner.

Josephy Center Executive Director, Cheryl Coughlan, is pleased to have the works of both artists in-house.

Coughlan said that she got the idea for a Boyan exhibit because the artist was already selling some of his works in the center’s shop. He filled out an application and said he would also curate the exhibit.

I told him needed to find someone else to do the show with him because we rarely do solo shows,” she said. “He didn’t hesitate for a second, he said, ‘Oh, I know Auburn, and I’ll ask her to do it with me.’”

Coughlan noted that many of Boyan’s works are shaped like keyholes with symmetrical stripes, something very difficult to achieve in the medium.

The director said that this time of year is often devoted to new artists.

“We try to do emerging artists, and I think this would would into that category,” she said.

The center will host a closing party for the exhibit on Friday, Nov. 15 at 7 p.m., which will feature Isaac in her alternative role: as a guitarist.

To experience art, nature and the human condition in a profound way, the works of these artists are on display at the Josephy through November 16.

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