Enterprise Public Library gets grant

Enterprise Library patron and mom JoAnna Perren holds her daughter Rosalie while daughter Stella chooses her next reading project.

JOSEPH — Oregon is the only state in the union that provides a 100 percent tax credit to inspire cultural giving. Via the Oregon Cultural Trust, these funds are distributed across the state, protecting and promoting cultural vitality from Enterprise to Portland.

This funding is distributed on a local level with the aid of 45 county and tribal coalitions across the state. Using these funds the Wallowa County Cultural Trust Coalition (WCCTC) is pleased to announce that $6,000 dollars in grants for the 2019 season have been awarded to six organizations: Fishtrap, The Josephy Center for Arts & Culture, MidValley Theatre, Nez Perce Wallowa Homeland & Chief Joseph Days’ Encampment, Wallowa Mountain Quilters’ Guild, and Wallowa Valley Music Alliance.

The WCCTC was founded in 2004 to facilitate funding local projects in arts, heritage and humanities with grant money from the Oregon Cultural Trust. WCCTC grants are typically $250-$1,000 and support projects that promote and strengthen Wallowa County culture.

Applications are currently available for 2020 online at wallowavalleyarts.org or can be requested by email at WCCTCoalition@gmail.com. The applications are due October 31, 2019.

Purchasing an Oregon Cultural Trust license plate from the DMV is one way to support the Trust (and your local artisans). There will be a reduction in Oregon Cultural Trust grant making for the 2020 funding cycle unless there is a statewide increase in support by June 30.

For more information about the Oregon Cultural Trust, or to donate, visit CulturalTrust.org. Join Oregon’s cultural club and help the tradition-keepers and artists of Wallowa County continue to thrive for years to come.

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