Biz Buzz: A shuffle and a new deal

photo Jenny Monfore practices her fiddle at a campsite. Monfore also hopes to build a homestead in the near future and recently completed a wood-working course.

Last year, I let folks know that Mike Lund was back in town and had opened a small engine repair and saw shop next door to Mike’s Garage.

“Small Engine” Mike has moved again. He’s still in Joseph and just a few blocks away on E. McCully Street. It’s hard to spot right now, as the building isn’t finished, so call ahead.

Mike bought a building lot there and plans to put a house on it, but in the meantime, he’s working in a double car garage and has also decided to become a mobile repairman.

“Most of the time a lawnmower only takes an hour to fix,” he said. “And, especially with older people and a riding lawnmower, loading that thing takes longer than fixing it, and it’s a lot of bother for them. So, I decided it was easier for me to go to them.”

He has 35 years of experience and has worked extensively with Stihl, Husky and John Deere engines.

You can call Mike and schedule an appointment: 541-786-0774.

There’s another new business in Joseph. Jenny Monfore has hung out her shingle for her “on-call” massage business. She will bring her table to your office or home for private massage sessions.

She does deep tissue (myofascial release), injury treatment and relaxation work and enjoys helping pregnant women with massage. She graduated from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in Colorado and has been a licensed massage therapist for 10 years. She’s worked in chiropractic offices, at ski resorts and spas and in private homes.

“I especially love doing neck work and helping people who’ve been in car accidents, have job-related injuries and stress,” she said.

She charges $65 per hour and a small travel fee. New clients receive $10 off their first massage.

In typical Wallowa County fashion she also has several jobs –– she offers old-time music lessons, having learned traditional Appalachian music by ear. She teaches fiddle, claw hammer banjo and guitar.

She learned the skill at Warren Wilson College in Ashville, N.C.

“This is a very traditional kind of music,” she said. “Call and find out the difference between ‘Old Time Music’ and bluegrass.”

She will bring her musical instruments to your location.

She also calls square dances for weddings and other events.

She has a day job working for Beth Gibans of Backyard Gardens.

You can contact her at 406-224-1721 or email

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