Boggan’s Oasis will return

This stunning “fractal” (geometric figure in which each part has the same statistical character as the whole) was made by photographer Debbi Lind of Wallowa. It is titled “Dragonfly Delight” and is available at Wallowa County Farmers Market Saturdays in Joseph.

Business is growing like a summer lawn.

First this week with the best confirmation of rumors ever –– Boggan’s Oasis is going back up. That’s right, Farrel and Bill Vail confirmed that Doug Head Building Co. Inc. of Lewiston was scheduled to start pouring cement earlier this week.

Hopefully, by the first of September motorcyclists, tourists of all kinds, fishermen and women and rafters and hikers and hunters and ... will be able to stop along Rattlesnake Grade and see what Farrel and Bill have cooked up.

Part of what they’ve cooked up is some cooling down.

“Air conditioning will be built in this time,” Farrel said. “A walk in refrigerator is also planned.”

Other than that, your new Boggan’s Oasis will be “pretty much the same thing as the old Boggan’s Oasis,” Farrel said. “It will be pretty much the size it was and laid out the way it was. We’re grandfathered in so we can do it right where it was.”

The couple, in their 80s, will put off that retirement in Palm Springs and see the restaurant through it’s opening, first winter and spring. After that, they’ll consider how to move forward.

All the produce, and pictures, too

CHECKING OUT Wallowa County Farmers Market in Joseph Saturday, things are looking good. More booths will be coming as the summer continues. One of the booths is owned by Debbie Lind. Lind is the Wallowa City Librarian and a great photographer.

She’s Farmer’s Market to the places where you can purchase her framed and matted photos, bookmarks, note cards, large gift cards and other items. Her collection of Wallowa County-themed holiday cards and “fractals” created from photos are a particularly good buy because they come with hangers in the package so they can become wall art.

There are also stories about the subject and location of the shot on the backs of the cards.

“I’m trying to have my cards so beautiful no one wants to throw them away,” Debbie said.

Debbie sells her cards regularly at the Bookloft and Mountain View RV Park in Enterprise, The Dog Spot and Anton’s in Joseph and Growing Wise in La Grande. Special orders are welcome.

Visit her at the market or call 541-886-2301.

HOW ABOUT a lovely stretch on a Monday evening in Wallowa State Park?

YO Yoga is offering a free yoga class in nature on Mondays at the amphitheater, 5 p.m. YO Yoga also schedules regular classes at $10 per session through Salutations Studio.

Salutations Studio operates out of The Place in Joseph.

Check for cancellations due to weather. Parking is available to the east of the amphitheater in the main Riverside Picnic Area.

KEEPING WITH the restaurant theme: More choices are emerging when it comes to fine coffee in Enterprise. The new Sinclair Brother’s drive-through is going up on River Street, and Gypsy Java in downtown Enterprise has announced 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday hours through the summer.

Another coffee-related bit of news ... Baggin’s Waggen has been selling (and even giving away on Donut Day) mini-donuts and will be back at the usual station in Joseph next to Josephy Center soon.

WE KNOW that Wallowa County has an extraordinary number of small businesses and one of the reasons for the growth and success of our small businesses is business advice and guidance through the Small Business Development Center.

Just how good that program is was demonstrated recently when Blue Mountain Small Business Development Center at Blue Mountain Community College won the 2018 Oregon SBDC Award for Excellence and Innovation. They also won the Small Business Development Center Excellence Award for the Pacific Northwest Region.

Blue Mountain serves an area of more than 18,000 square-miles. In Wallowa County, advisers Kristy Athens and Dennis Sands provide free and confidential business advice to existing and prospective entrepreneurs. They are at 401 NE 1st Street, Enterprise. Call for an appointment at 541-278-5846.

The Fourth of July is just two weeks away, and folks are starting to think about fireworks. A fireworks booth has been erected in the Safeway parking lot.

We know of a beautiful fireworks display to share with visiting relatives and friends. It’s “Shake the Lake” out on Wallowa Lake.

It’s special, all right. Bruce Lawson of Homeland Fireworks produces the show, and he says that out of all the displays he does, across three states, he’s never heard acoustics like ours.

“We can break a shell and it will continue to crack three or four times with echo,” he said. “I like that.”

So does the audience. The show goes on for 16 minutes while Lawson lifts over a ton of shells, his very best effects, and his best crew on the fireworks launching barge.

The Wallowa County Chamber of Commerce sponsors that show and the tab comes to around $13,000. Every year the call goes out for folks to help pay for the show, and every year they answer.

You can donate $25, $50 or $100 to the Chamber to help pay the bill. Send your donation to Wallowa County Chamber, P.O. Box 427, Enterprise, OR 97828.

Or, drop your check by the Chamber offices at 309 S. River. All donations of $25 and greater are entered into a drawing to win a special prize.

The fun begins at dusk on July 4.

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