Red Rooster restaurant

The Red Rooster Restaurant on West Main Street in Enterprise suffered a burglary on the night of Sept. 23-24.

“There’s a first time for everything,” as the saying goes, but not every first time is something to be celebrated. The Red Rooster restaurant in Enterprise just had their first burglary. The restaurant is located at 309 W. Main St.

The burglary happened sometime during the night of Sept. 23-24, according to the county dispatch log and restaurant owner, Kim Moore. According to the owner, she was notified on the morning Tuesday Sept. 24. The restaurant is not open on Tuesdays and Moore worked in the restaurant doing payroll until 7:30 the night before.

“One of my co-workers came in to grab something she’d forgotten and noticed that my office was torn apart,” Moore said. “All my petty cash, my drawer cash was taken.” The main door was also left open. Moore said that if the employee hadn’t come in, the door would have been open all day long and the night following as well.

Moore also noted the lock of the front door was taken in a way that caused her to suspect a professional tool was used. She also said the police told her they normally have an idea of who could have committed a local crime, but they were drawing a blank. Police did take fingerprints from the scene.

According to Moore, the restaurant didn’t have an alarm system.

“I mean we live in Wallowa County, don’t we,” she asked. Moore added the business hasn’t been broken into before. A locksmith had to replace the door lock, something that cost more than $200.

“The good news is that they didn’t trash the whole restaurant — just my office,” she said. “They didn’t take my computer. All they wanted was money.”

Moore said the incident changed the way she does business. A daughter is bringing in cameras and other equipment for a security system both inside and out.

Enterprise Police Department Chief Joel Fish said that it’s possible the Red Rooster burglary is related to two other recent burglaries, one at the Chevron Station on West North Street and a home burglary on Mildred Avenue. He added that evidence from at least one of the crime scenes indicates the criminal has prior experience.

“We don’t have burglaries, then all of a sudden we’re having burglaries,” he said. Anyone with a tip can reach the department or an on-duty dispatcher at 541-426-3131.

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