Dr. Renee Grandi has served her Wallowa County patients for 15 years and in that time she’s seen a lot of changes in the medical field.

“When I took my sabbatical 22 months ago I was struggling with how I fit into the medical world,” she said. “I liked to spend more time with my patients. I was a middle-aged physician in a rapidly changing field.”

While she was taking time to rethink her life, even thinking of retiring from medicine, she visited with friends — and they told her they were all getting sick and didn’t know why.

“They told me ‘You need to go out and find out why,’” Grandi said.

About the same time this was on her mind, Grandi heard about a conference being put on by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. So she attended.

“I fell in love,” she said. “They were speaking my language: health through nutrition, detoxification, treatment of environmental poisons, injury recovery, hormone balancing, new treatments for chronic inflammatory diseases and auto immune diseases such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Lupus and MS.”

They were also keenly interested in the health problems that long-term stress caused, and new treatments for long-term or chronic pain.

Grandi started getting training in those fields immediately, mentoring with medical doctors specializing in endocrinology, ear nose and throat, allergies and more. She spoke with local health practitioners and listened to their ideas, concerns and observations. And she has attended more conferences.

She continued her relationship with Winding Waters and “they were really supportive of what I was learning,” she said.

Remaining associated with the clinic had its benefits, but Grandi was still committed to managing her own time and she couldn’t see herself returning to a regular schedule.

So, she created her own business.

That business, Triple H Healing, opened March 8 in what used to be Dale and Martha Weitzel’s old place at 507 S River Street in Enterprise. The business is across the street from Ruby Peak Naturals. The building was originally a bed and breakfast, so there were plenty of bathrooms already built and Grandi added an ADA accessible bathroom and completely remodeled the shake-sided building. There are now 2,000 square feet of office space with six treatment areas. Kate Barrett is holding down the front desk and those treatment areas are used by acupuncturist Amy Zahm and massage therapists Tai Jaques Colleen Whelan and Patricia (Trish) Zennie.

The group will be doing double and triple duty by also offering Chinese medicine, consultations for herbal treatments, designing corrective exercise programs, practicing aromatherapy, reiki, reflexology, tripper point therapy, yoga, meditation instruction, managing use of an infrared sauna and much more. Grandi also plans to hold diabetic cooking classes in the full kitchen, meditation classes and other pain and stress treatments, and she has an integrated psychiatry approach to emotional or mental disorders. Triple H Healing will be working with Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness to support clients with those issues. Grandi hopes to work with other local businesses that carry supplements, herbs, teas and tinctures as well.

She’s still a medical doctor, too. Holistic medicine considers the whole person — body, mind, spirit and emotions — in treatment and there is no conflict in using medical approaches along with other forms of health care.

“We’re carrying a very light load right now,” said Grandi. “But we’ve been very well received and people are showing up for tours and to ask questions.”

And 75 people are already on a waiting list for the privilege of calling Grandi “their” doctor and Triple H Clinic “their” clinic.

“I think we’re doing this at a perfect time for Wallowa County,” Grandi said. “There are a lot of people looking for answers beyond taking a pill.”

That said, Grandi is quick to point out that “Wallowa County is very lucky to have such a great hospital system that supports this.”

We see this in the “comprehensive” and preventative care that traditional medical clinics and mental health services are embracing as well. And alternative approaches to good health seem to be an idea that Wallowa County really likes — witness the success of the CHIP program and the interest in making the county a Blue Zone where good health is a focus.

So it is probably no surprise that Winding Waters Clinic has continued their support of Grandi’s plans, leasing her newly-remodeled building and managing the bookkeeping. Grandi and her staff are still employed through the Winding Waters Clinic system, but Grandi’s time and choice in treatments is more her own.

And you can make it more your own. To learn more about Triple H Healing, visit holistichealing.windingwaters.org

An open house is planned in April.

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