Bret and Jane Bane have closed their electrical supply and contracting business, and sold their inventory to Enterprise Electric. Their building will soon house Wallowa Valley Networks, an Internet provider owned by their son, James W. Bane.

After 66 years of supplying electrical and plumbing supplies and serving as one of Wallowa County’s outstanding electrical contractors, J.B. Bane is pulling the plug.

On Tuesday, Dec. 31, J.B. Bane planned to officially close. Enterprise Electric will become the new owner of Bane’s entire inventory and most of the equipment. They are not merging, nor is Bane’s business itself becoming part of Enterprise Electric. They are simply closing the business’ doors, selling the many, many items that line their shelves and beginning to look forward to retirement, Jane Bane noted.

“It seemed an ideal time and offer,” she said. “Enterprise Electric is hiring our two employees. No one will be out of a job. We are really grateful for that.”

Bane’s has been an iconic Wallowa County business since it was established by James D. (J.D.) Bane in 1954. (J.D.) Bane started out as an electrical contractor. With the help of his wife, Gwen, the business grew, including pumps, heating, and appliance repair to meet the needs of Wallowa County.

J.D.’s son, Bret (J.B.) Bane has worked in the store and in both electrical and pump installation almost as long as he can remember. In 1993, Bret and his wife, Jane, purchased the business. They have run the business for 27 years.

After Enterprise Electric gathers up and moves all the inventory from Bane’s shelves, the building will remain in the family. The present plan is for Wallowa Valley Networks, which is owned by Bret and Jane’s son, James W. Bane, and business partner, Travis Boyd, to buy the building. In July, it will become the headquarters for Wallowa Valley Networks, which provides high-speed internet service across the county.

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