On July 8, local contractor Andy McKee withdrew a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) application to build an upscale campground on portions of about 825 acres of land he recently purchased on Big Sheep Divide, about 12 miles NE of Enterprise. The project, on land zoned timber-grazing, met stiff opposition from adjacent land owners. About one dozen had filed letters in opposition to the project with the Wallowa County Planning Department.

McKee purchased the land from Charles and Ramona Phillips. Ms Phillips is the chair of the Wallowa County planning commission. McKee initially filed the CUP on April 15, which asked for a conditional use for the campground, which is on land zoned as timber/grazing.

The most current conditional use permit application stated McKee would provide upscale camping plots of about 20 acres each. Although an earlier application stated that some RV’s or RV spaces would be provided, McKee withdrew that application when faced with opposition at the June Planning Commission meeting. He then prepared a revised version. The plan called for initial development of six sites with additional sites being added as market conditions indicated. The sites would have included a minimum 25 ft. fire break and a propane fire pit provided by McKee. No open fires would be allowed, nor would client ATVs or RVs be permitted. McKee also stated he thought the campground a good revenue source for his family business and the county as well.

However, in an email to the Chieftain on Friday, July 12, McKee said that he withdrew the application in order to tighten up the details and squash rumors of his intentions for his property.

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